We all have those calls that make us laugh or make us wanna slap the sense back into someone...both on the fire side and ems so lets here em.....come on dispatchers you have to have some of the best...lol.

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Service call....bird stuck in tree.....her pet bird that is......
Ive seen on a x-ray of a pt. we brought in with a perfume bottle ran up south.....how would you like to be the doc on that one...lol....
service call...unknown...man so big he can't wipe his own butt...wife shopping can you help me please !!!!!!!!
We made a call on the engine last shift for a odor investigation at 5am.... We get there and the people say they can smell OZONE!!!!
Did they have a crack pipe in their hand ?
male got his groin stuck in a cars grille. Male was saying the car was flirting with him. and he "stuck it in" then couldnt get it out.
Drunk and could not get his boots off.
Call to a seniors residence at 9 am for a reported fall. Elderly gentleman had been drinking his " COFFEE ? " when he spotted his hanging plant and felt it needed watering. Goes out on second floor balcony but can't reach plant so using his " COFFEE " ENHANCED WISDOM, drags a chair out and stands on it to water the plant . Did a complete three sixty and landed on hie back. Luckily it had been raining heavily and he landed in deep mud. He couldn't understand all the fuss and wanted to return to his " COFFEE " . Ran him in and Docs couldn't find more than a few bruises. Call became known as rhe seniors high dive championship.
LMAO - Yes, this is common... the flirting, I mean...

Haven't you seen that commercial... "When you turn your car on, does it return the favor?"
1 LMAO is good ... 2 LMAO is even BETTER !!!

I salute you oh maker of viagra !!! Way to keep the numbers UP !
Nice break for the wife !

Guy can't reach his own ass - but he could reach the phone ?
Who? Who could it be ???

Dominos Pizza...
Town Property Tax Assessor...
Door-to-Door Salesmen...
Bacholerette Party Entertainment...

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