I am wanting to start using LDH in our dept. and am wondering if I can convince the majority into changing their thought process. Let me add that we are in a rural area, and no departments that might provide aid uses LDH. Should we make the switch?

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Do you go with the 100' or the 50', and how much more difficult is it to reload?
We have it on our pumper and it's ok, the only thing we dislike about is when you put it back on the truck it's hard to get all the air out of we have 600' of 5- inch. We have thought about carring a small vaccum with us so we can suck out the air so it will lay flat when we reload it.
Have seen those rollnracks for the air problem you are referring to. Anyone use those?
no but would like to see one and see if it will do the job
Was wondering about that also. What adapters do you carry?
I read somewhere 5'' is equal to several tenders shuttling, depending on the circumstances.
Before I start another thread. Is 5" really that much better than 4" operationally. I say this as an urban FF with hydrants on every corner. For the most part, most of our engines have a split load for supply. Half 4" and the other either 2.5" or 3".
We have areas where there are hydrants, but no volume of water and I know LDH would work great in laying to a better hydrant.
Friction loss in extremely long lays looks a lot better to me in the 5"
We love the 5" LDH as far as supplying water goes and once you get used to packing i it is not that bad.

As far as adapters go we have the following:
1. Piston intake valve.
2. Steamer thread to storz adapter.
3. 2.5 to storz adapter to feed another truck.
4. Gate valve for the 2.5 fitting on the hydrant" so we can bleed the air out as the water comes up the hydrant and also to help aide in draining the hose later" also lets you hook another hose to the hydrant if necessary.
5. LDH spanners.

Thats all I can think of right now if I remember more I will post later.
CF, do you have to carry adapters for the LDH, or do you have storz on the hydrants?
turk182, the piston intake valve. Any particular Manufacturer better?

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