check out my Females in the Fire service Group. I am not man bashing at all. I am just stating that i believe women that can do the job deserve equality!!! I do understand that there are women out there that cant...'cuz I have them on my department TOO, however those are the ones that give chics like me who love to get dirty and get hot ( in a fire the that is) a bad name. Tell me your thoughts.

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I have seven female firefighters in my company and I respect all but one the rest work hard and are better then some of the men in the company but the only problem I have with the one is it's hard to get her to do anything and why we return from calls or training she is gone. But I am dam proud of the six and would not trade them for anything.
in every orchard (your fd) theres some bad apples. We tend to make due, and push on. Nice to see 7 on one department. we dont deny applications here and I think we have about 5
Glad to hear that you have quality women around!!!!!!!!!!
I love the way that you think!!! Yeah it the old Mentality that women belong in the kitchen... Hey there is a kithen in te Firehouse and doesnt mean she cant HELP cook!! LOL
now the thing that probably makes alot of the guys think that i won't be able to handle the work is that my fav. color happens to be pink and i wear it ALOT!...i also like to dress nice and my nickname is actually paris(hilton)... i don't think that guys shold hold any correlation between how a girl dresses outside of the fire scene/training ground and how they are going to perform!!!!!!!! it's completely not fair! I like pink and fighting fire, may be a new combination but i like to be a girl and then i also like to be a firefighter ...but here's the key point ...NOT AT THE SAME i have to lose my identity of who i am to be treated as an equal!??
not hardly sister!!! I also like to look nice when IM not at the FD in fact one of my guys recenty told me that he didnt realize "i really was a girl" until he helped me move and saw all of my shoes!!! But your right when Im a the station i get down and dirty with the best of the and my hair is in a ponytail on top of my head with soot on my face!!! Nothing better!!
Be yourself not who people want you to be. Keep doing what you do, and if they can't stand the fact you wear pink? Too damn bad

Nuff Said!
I am not meaning to repeat a dicussion about this.. all im looking for is other peoples input on the problem that they have faced in the industry!!!! You can join my group Females in the Fire service. This was designed to help women understand we arent alone.. and how they have overcome the steroetypes.... that was my only purpose for this!!! I wasnt trying to offend anyone or duplicate anything
I agree, but not just any the same with men.Like I've said beforeYou don't choose this it chooses you.
I agree Sandy...I have been a career FF for 14 years...soon to be a Captain. I am , however, feminine. I like to wear makeup and heels and get my nails done, but on the flip side, I excel at my job. I completely get the point others are making though....I am good at many things....though they may not be the same things that the next FF is good at. That's why it works...because you can find your nitch. I don't mean that you shouldn't have to be physically fit to do whatever arises but we all know some are good at certain things and others aren't. Extrication has just never been my thing....I can do it but there are other FF's that have a passion for that and are really talented.
I have to give it to my dept....I am the only female there and through the years they haven't tried to define me...they have let me be myself and feel my way through this job as I needed. I have made some of the best friends and have had some obstacles but can honestly say I am respected.
Anyway...I just wanted to put my two cents in...there aren't many career female firefighters and it's nice to be able to network.
Be safe everyone...whether a guy or a girl!!!!LOL

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