check out my Females in the Fire service Group. I am not man bashing at all. I am just stating that i believe women that can do the job deserve equality!!! I do understand that there are women out there that cant...'cuz I have them on my department TOO, however those are the ones that give chics like me who love to get dirty and get hot ( in a fire the that is) a bad name. Tell me your thoughts.

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Got your attention!!!
No I am not a feminist.. i am just tired of being treated different tham ny male counterparts!! I had too work harder to gain the respect than the guys 'cuz it is an old boys club!!! WHY cant we just be one of the guys??? I finally have broken through on my department... in the last few years and have a whole lot of respect and a whole lot more fun know that i am respected as an equal!!!

I do realize that not all women are like me but, i done trust all the guys on my department to go into a fire either!!

I completely agree with you rachel 100%.(also not bashing) my dept. also has those girly girls on the fire ground that are like omg i broke a nail. people at my dept. think i won't be able to do certain things like carry the high rise pack, operate an extrication tools, be able to back someone up on the 2 1/2, and other such things...and aren't the surprised as hell when ii not only do it, but do it well. and whenever i'm in public with a dept. shirt on, people ask if my dad or b.f. are ff's...which they are but that's not the point. we need to get the word out that it is no longer fireMEN...but fireFIGHTERS.!!!!
My thoughts on this subject have been posted on many pages before. I don't care about gender race or anything else I care they can do the job. Sadly I know its hard for those of you that can do the job, but I think your biggest problem is not men its other women that don't do it the right way but getting special treatment or make all women look bad with some of there actions.
I don't think gender matters or race for that matter if you can do the job then you can do the job.

My issue is that for every 1 good female firefighter there are 10 that are trying to stir trouble. Just the other day we had a girl file harrasment charges on a guy becuase she saw his penis in the bunkroom while he was getting dressed to go ona call in the middle of the nite. This was an accident but she blew it out of proportion. Thankfully the charges were dismissed but this guy had to undergo speculation, investigation, and explain all this to his wife wich as most of you know is worse than any investigation.

He had to go through all this just cause 1 girl says one thing and thats the power YOU have. You can ruin a mans life by uttering those words. I don't want to go through that so why should I accept you when you can bring me down in a sec? Why should I put myself in a bad situation.

I personally think men and women should have to sign some kind fo legal waiver when they enter the fire service as it pertains to accidental viewing of genitalia. I mean if I got offended everytime I saw a guys penis in the firehouse I would have a stack of paper higher than the ladder on the truck co.
I couldnt agree with you more!!! The double standard is a bunch of bullshit!!! A chic needs to relaize that things happen, as long as the guy didnt make advance towards her... the n what the F... us the big deal. I can understand what you say though because my ex- was very jealous of the guys on my department. even though i was on the same department... talk about being a hard situation!!! i totally agree that some women abuse the situation and make i t hard for women like me who come do my job have fun with my guys and go home!!!!!
haha i completely agree with that. however, from the female perspective, it is very easy for them to be targets of sexual harrassment. joking around is fine and all the sexual conquest stories the guys share is okay, but it's when the guys start touching that i have an issue. usually when they do i just ask them not to touch and they respectfully listen however i did have one case in which a certain male would not stop. i didn't take any official action i just talked to a cpt. about it and he talked to the guy who was doing it and he stopped. that's all that needs to be done. nothing official should ever need to be done unless you know someone won't stop even after higher ups talk with them. you men need to stop being such horn dogs though. we are there to be firefighters, not pick up guys!
couldnt have said it better my self!!!! I have been a FF for 13 years and started with FF before I did EMS and i really love my job... here is our mission...." to dispell the myths that chic cant dont the job!!! and oh by the way get rid of the ones who cant and give us a bad name" what do yo u say??
LOL nice line but i prefer not having an operation.. but why cant we be treated as ONE????
Girlfriend i couldnt have said better myself!!!!! you totally nailed that issue. ALot of things can be handled internally if peole would just do it that way!!
All people male or female with the proper training and physically fit can be a firefighter. It takes a certain edge and I have seen proof myself that females can perform under the heat. THIS IS 2007, AND SHOULD NOT BE AN ISSUE!!!!! We all are equal in the firehouse, whatever be the gender
THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING!!!!! I agree that physical fitness plays a big part whether male or female!!
maybe if we can get some of the (especially older crowd) members to think with the head on their shoulders, they would get over the resentment that the women in the fire department could do a better job in performance than they can or ever could.

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