The other day I was talking to my wife on the phone and she told me she was waching The Unit and they had a morter attice on it, and she couldnt under stand why I was mad about it. Well it comes down to this, the less she knows about what happens here the better off she will be. Just like in the fire service there are just some things you dont tell your wife or husband. It isnt so much that you are hiding something from them, it come down to there are just some things we cant tell them. I mean she knows that there is a chances that I may not come home but that is nothing new to use, wether it is military or firefighting. I would think that how it was but I could be wrong. Let me know what you think. Untill next time God Bless.


The Miss Placed TX Firefighter

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What is a morter attice?
I was thinking the same thing.
But really -- I want my wife to understand all the basic risks, but NO I don't tell her when we have a close call because I don't want to upset her. I try to tell her the positive stuff. She worries too much already.
In this modern age, it isn't hard for a intelligent adult to find out exactly what happens in both war and firefighting.

I think it was worse for women when they were kept ignorant and at home waiting and not knowing. If she understands the events you face, she is more likely to be able to cope with anything you bring home in terms of PTSD.

The age of the "little lady" sitting at home and not knowing are over. I assume your wife is an adult of at least average intelligence with not only access to Television, but also to the internet and she can learn as much as she wants about what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan or any fire department.

What happens if you come home and your wife has decided she wants a career in Firefighting, or EMS, or she wants to join the Army? How would you feel if she purposely did not tell you about her job, or want you to see aspects of it on TV because you might be able to handle it?

Time to throw away the rotary phone, and the shag carpeting, let your wife step out of the kitchen, put some shoes on and treat her as an equal.

Call me crazy, but why would partners NOT want to know about each other, up to and including what they do for a living, what they do for fun and what they do together?
For instance; if you are shipped off to Afghanistan, then unless your partner has been in a coma or a cave, you pretty much know that it is a war zone and average intelligence tells you that there are inate risks to that.
Same with firefighting. If you tell your partner that you are a firefighter, they should draw a pretty accurate picture of what that is.
I'm sorry, but I don't believe in hiding the "dangers" of what firefighters do.
Creates too much melo-drama, you know?
Oh and morter attice = mortar attack.
i agree, i will talk about the call but leave out the details, theres some stuff that should stay between the brothers. not that where trying to hide anything but i like to leave my emoutions at the fire house. if we respond to a bad call the wife or kids dont need to hear the details, but dont get me wrong my girlfriend knows when and what type of call we go on but i will share the pg version.
"if we respond to a bad call the wife or kids dont need to hear the details, but dont get me wrong my girlfriend knows when and what type of call we go on but i will share the pg version."

But do your wife and your girlfriend get along?

im sorry i worded that wrong, me and my girlfiend are getting married in october
LoL. No worries, I just thought it was funny.

What in the bloody hell is a "morter attice"?
Mortar attack.
...but apparently much safer. I was thinking it was an attic that contained a mortar and an extra "e".
Thanks Art, I hadn't the slightest. What is this show "the unit" about, the military or something?

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