Hey, well i have to write a an editorial on an important topic. SInce i am a member of the Bagdad fire protection district junior program i chose the topic of juniors being pulled from school to go on calls. However i cant find really reliable information on the actual dept.'s that pull students from school so i need your help. I need:

statistics for how mant departments pull juniors from class

Regulations for what kind of call and if the time of the day makes a difference as to if they are pulled out of class

age limits on being pulled from class

if a drivers license is required to leave class

if missed work can be made up

excused absence?

if red/blue lights are given for personal vehicle use from school to a fire scene

what types of call they can respond to during school hours

and anything else you think might be relevant to my topic
Thank you so very much, stay safe

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when i was an exploer we were absolutely NOT permitted to leave school to respond to alarms and if the cheif found out we would be repermended. we also had to maintain passing grades in all subjects to remain active as an exploer . This was made clear by the cheif to all the junior exploers and their parents at the time they apply for membership.we were not permitted to have courtesy lights until we were of the age of 18 and a full active members, my chief actively discouraged them in the past from missing to school - it's an unnecessary distraction to them and an unfair distraction to the other students.
I decided I am going to do my research paper on this issue!!!
So we all agree!! No ,NO, NO . do the school work then you can play !! Jrs. have no bussiness having a blue/red light and siren . They are just asking for trouble ! We have 1 JR. and hes a Jr. at school,and ONLY if WE need him we go get him. I have only seen this 1x in this dept . The only thing he can do is hose the out side . The best thing is to read your policies on JRS.
In Townbank juniors are not allowed to carry pagers into school, and are prohibited from leaving school grounds regardless of the severity of the fire or call. the only way you can really participate ona a fire ground is if you have became a proby, and still you are not allowed to do much. it is only after you have passed firefighterone that you receive your green accountability tags and can pack up when you are really allowed to do anything. generally the juniors are there to pack hose and if need be ferry air bottles back and forth to our dive truck to be refilled. And for blue lights, they are only permitted when you have passed firefighter one and have been a member for one year not a day less, and you have to register the lights with the local police station. In my oppinion juniors should ALWAYS be made to stay in school and not a a fire scene.
i dont have a problem with explorers or junior fire fighters being pulled from class. they need the experience first hand and not just try to learn from a book or a person talkin about it.
Here we can leave school for all calls that the dept. allows us to go on. This is if you have a note signed by your parents, don't have any grades C or lower, and you are not testing. It basically works like leaving school for a sport. If you don't meet the requirements, you are put on a probation list and are limited as to what you can do within the program.
We do not let our juniors respond to scenes. We absolutly do not let them leave school, If they do they get an escort back from the Chief.

Where I'm an "explorer" we can leave school the first second the tone drops. For any kind of fire department response. Our grades are checked quarterly, and we have to use our best judgment on leaving for runs. During a test, you usually don't leave for anything short of a structure fire. We do not have to have our drivers license, but most of us do anyways. There are 7 cadets (as we are called at our department) as of now, and none of want to be the one to ruin it for everyone.
i am allowed carry a pager and to run any type of call whether it be a medical emergency or structure fire and it is considered a legal absence if i do not return hope that helps you...
Our junior firefighter program uses by-laws set forth by the Boy Scouts of America. In there it states that at no time will a junior firefighter leave school to attend any alarms..
We are not allowed to leave school to go to calls or have our pagers at school under any circumstances. If we have a fire at our school and our dept. responds we are not allowed to help at all. We are only allowed to go to calls after we respond to the firehouse and we know that its safe to go. We have to also wait for another truck to go to the scene.
we can respond from school and and if its a structure we MUST report to the station no matter what if it were an MVA or EMS i go to the scene and see whats needed to be done

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