What are some basic skills that Juniors, Cadets or Explorers need to know??? In my department we learn everything from setting up a hydrant, laddering a structure, fire behavior and methods of extinguishing and basic medical skills and we also get certified as first responders and are in the process of becoming certified SCUBA divers. So what do you think basic skills that Juniors, Cadets or Explorers need to know??? ANY INPUT IS WELCOME Below are pictures of fire camp that was earlier this month.

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Keep working on those basic skills.Follow your department rules. Keep your school grades up. Sometimes you will be a grunt and need to do stuff that you would rather not. (You will better learn respect and appreciation, though.) By the time you are 18, you will be ahead of the others who didn't benefit from a Jr. or Explorer program. When trained correctly, Jr. FFs are a great asset to the rest of the fire company, especially on a job. Don't be afraid to ask questions. I wish you well. Have a Great and Safe Holiday Season!

Frederick, I rarely look at any thread about juniors/explorers, but I'm glad I looked at this one. Please, don't "tell the chief that what we want to do". About the only things you should be telling him/her are your name and how happy you are to be able to join the junior program!

You are just joining. Talk to the other juniors, the ones that have been there for a while. Talk to the firefighters that train you. You are new, you are very young, both of these things are fantastic, but remember your place. Your place right now is to soak up what you are offered. At this stage you don't even know what questions to ask. I trust that you've been to the Junior and Explorer forum here? There are probably some good threads there for you. By all means read threads in other categories, read the OP and all the posts. There is a tremendous amount of stuff here at the Nation that will help you.

From what I've read I know that Juniors and Explorers in some places in the USA are allowed at fire scenes, at MVA's. I don't agree with it, but it's obviously up to the Chief in many places. If firefighters aren't able to roll up hoses after an incident then they shouldn't be firefighters. A 14 yo controlling/directing traffic? I don't hink so mate! Not in my part of the world anyway. You are still legally a child, enjoy yourself, learn all you can as a Junior, learn all that is offered to you, concentrate more on your schooling, your time will come.
First off being a junior is a privilege and with being an junior you are not allowed to direct traffic. You are the fire dept's. responsibility. and no matter what happens to you are with the dept. whether it be that you just standing there and something happens to you it is there fault or if you jump in front of a car it is still all on them. so i would listen to the chief and if he tells you to jump you say how high. be proud to be a jr. You are not a firefighter yet so i mean expect limitations and be ok with them.

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