What is yalls take on juniors? Should they be able to go on scene? Should they have pagers? Should they ride the trucks or drive POV? thanks

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Changed my mind...just not worth the effort to comment to someone I know won't listen anyways.


I am a junior firefighter/EMT at a small, rural fire dept.

I have a pager, and drive to the station.

I ride the apparatus, but will get bumped if more highly qualified members show up.

I have done patient care on med calls, and auto accidents, but I mainly stand by the driver of the piece of apparatus I am riding in and wait for orders.


Can you give examples of what you might be ordered to do on the fireground in your capacity as a Junior Firefighter?


I agree. My department does not allow juniors to go POV or on the apparatus to a scene-whatsoever. We can get certification (I have S-130/S-190/S-215/L-180/ICS-100 and 200) but we can't use the training until we turn 18. We can't go through FF1 or live burns until we turn 18-same with the medical side. We are allowed to train at the station with the rest of the department. We cannot have radios (I do because I am a HAM operator). I have been with the department for just over a year-but I can't wait for the day I turn 18 so I can start using my training and see exactly what it is to be a volunteer firefighter!!!

Fetch tools, man the hydrant, roll up hose, carry supplies, help with rehab- it really varies

Seems reasonable enough.


I have a lot of certs too. I get more every year. I have been doing this for 20 years and one thing has never changed. When you go into a fire, the fire could care less how many pieces of paper you have that SAY you have been trained. Until you get hard in the trenches, certs really mean nothing. I don't want to sound like I am downplaying all your work( and I encourage you to get as much education as you can), but firefighting is not "feel good" profession where book smarts will keep you alive.

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