Now where I am we do not have home response, if your in the house and the tones go off, you go and with an average of 15 calls a day, thats not to difficult to hang out with your buddies. However that's not the point of my post. At our department the junior members are age 16-18 and have all the same responsibilities as the "active" members. What I am asking is do your department have junior chiefs and if so how does that work because I am trying to start a program to have some sort of probationer or junior chief.

As always, stay safe, and remember brotherhood above ALL else,

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Thats what we are trying to achieve
The only thing you have to watch for is the person either elected or appointed getting a swelled head and going on a power trip.

Because if they get the position and start bossing the others around and not doing anything theirselves then that might create a bad situation among the juniors and have them resenting the junior chief. If you get this position in your department you might want to have a senior member or officer over see this position so you do not get the infighting among the juniors.

Believe me once you have the bickering start it is hard to get it stopped.

I thought I would just put it out there as something to watch for.
I am the junior chief in my station
we dont have junior chief but i am the junior/cadet captain
In my company we have a chief and all fireline officers. Basicly we act as are own company at a fire scene and at the fire house. We basicly use the same chain of command as the senior company.
We have an explorer post. But in our department they are all non-active responders, they can ride-along but it is for education only, no interior, no hazard entry or activity, straight from the BSA bylaws. They have no rank/no power over a full fledge member. They as a seperate group are overseen by an Explorer Post Coordinator and all training is under the control of the department training officer.
In a lot of areas in Texas, or in my area, they have Junior programs, but that is the big departments.
It works, I was a junior, then got bumped to a Rookie. I got to do some stuff as a junior, but was still limited in what i could do, I was allowed to go out on first due trucks if there was room. I wasn't allowed in the structure when it was burning and other stuff that might have put me in danger as a junior, since I was not covered under the City Insurance. That was City policy.
we have a junior chief with me being a junior myself the junior chief really does'nt do anything he even says so himself. We can do anything seniors can except for going on the interior of a burning building. on MVA's we learn what needs to be done and we are allowed to do what is in our power such as cutting the battery cables and we arre trusted with many things..well a select number of juniors are myself being one because we do it ecause we want to be career firefighters not for girls and glory. the 3 of us that really care for it
iam the highest rank of my post as lt and it shouldwork like the fire fighters do

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