I'm not sure how many juniors/explorers we have on FFN.  It seems that we only notice the obnoxious ones and they tend to portray all Jr's in a bad light.


So, this is a chance for you to step up and be noticed.  Tell us a little about yourself and why you want to become a firefighter.  There is no right or wrong answer and while I assume that everyone will give the standard "I want to help my community" answer, I urge you to go deeper than that. 


Try to analyze why you REALLY want to become a firefighter, let us know your thoughts, emotions, reasonings, agenda's and whatnot.  Tell us what being an Explorer means to you, what you do as an explorer, what you hope to learn, and where you see yourself in 5yrs and 10 yrs.


What is the most rewarding part of being a jr/explorer?  What has been the most stressful or the hardest to deal with or overcome?  Is it what you expected when you first started?


And lastly, what do you expect, want, need or desire from us (the senior members of FFN)?  There is a heckuva lot of knowledge and experience represented here and most of us are willing and eager to help teach and mentor others.  But, and here is the big BUT, in order for us to be willing and able to help there needs to be a certain commitment on the part of the junior/explorer.


* you must show respect

* you must thank those that help you

* you must THINK about your question first (your department should be your first source of information)

* you must write in PROPER ENGLISH.  Your post and writing style will reflect your education, intelligence and professionalism and will help garner more help and support.

* you must NOT ARGUE.  stating a disagreement is ok, but if you disagree you must provide your reasonings behind the disagreement and/or offer alternatives or suggestions

* you must be willing to PARTICIPATE - if all we see are posts about asking for pagers or what color is such and such than you will either be ignored, ridiculed or snapped at.


So, how many of you Explorers and Juniors are willing to take up the challenge and participate?

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My name is Davin Eshelman I am 17 years old and have been with the explorer program for about 2 1/2 years now. I'm with a small town volly department called Lima. I joined because it's family tradition starting with my great grand-dad. But I also want to help people and learn hwo to do things that civilians don't know how to do. As explorers, our post gets to drill with firefighters, help with social functions and at calls we get to change tanks and help with tools. In 5 to 10 years I see my self being a paid firefighter and in the military (Marines-also family traditions). Most rewarding part of being a junior, helping out with the community. Knowing that one day you will have the knowledge to save someones liffe. Hardest to overcome is seeing people you know die in car crahses and not being able to help them. And also seeing someone lose their home because of fire. When i 1st started as an explorer I kinda had an idea what i was getting into because of family but I have also learned a lot since I joined. I don't expect anything from the seniors and I try to be as respectful to everyone on FFN no matter what their role. I am willing to take the challenge and participate in anything you guys ask me to do.

Lima Volunteer Fire Department
Explorer Post 4029
Well as i came across this posting i was thinking. i want to become a firefighter because my whole family has been in the fire service. it skipped a generation with my dad and his brothers and i wanted to be up to the challenge to pick up the family and introduce firefighting into the next generation of my family. i love the people on the department we all have fun but know when to be serious. it has been an honor to be a part of a great family at the station.
Well This post comes as a eye opener to me. I read it and thought to my self why did I want to get into this. The answer was suprisingly hard to come up with. Maybe we all can learn from this post to remember why we started.

Was it because I wanted to help people?
Nope I was there before I really knew what it was all about.

Was it the cool stuff we got?
Well all of it was in my house already since both my parents were involved in it.

I cant answer the question of why did I want to get into this business in the first place. But I can answer why do I want to persue this for a career.

I want to persue this career because my entire life I havnt been good at anything but helping people and I enjoy it. It is my belief that in order to be happy in life you must do something you love every day weather it be building model cars or riding a bike (both kinds). The urge to help has always been there in me cutting threw the selfishness that we all have inside us. After my grandad died,my business went down, and I found out my wife was cheating on me with my best friend. That got me thinking what do you want to do be oilfield trash your whole life? I moved back to my home town and as always if there was a fire I went. There was a day that an elderly woman which I knew needed an ambulance and the ones that were there couldnt lift her because of back problems. They asked for assistance and I went to the hospital with them. There was a need for EMTs in which I thought about and I went ahead and found a class online and started it. The more I got into the class The more I liked it I wanted to learn more. I had always thought about getting into the fire service and one day I had a guy tell me about an opening in a town about an hour and a half away. I went and tested for them I didnt get the job but I thought about it and how many people I could help enough that I was happy just thinking I had a chance. Since I came from a small town alot of my friends have talked bad to me for wanting to improve my education in the fire service. They wanted to see me fail so they could say that there way of beer drinkin on training night is the way to go. I learned alot from others and all that has done is fueled the desire I have to help people.

In a way I am selfish still for wanting to help people. But isnt it a good feeling to be selfish with

oh and the lights and sirens are cool lol

Loyd Dittfurth
25 years old
TCFP Firefighter
I want become one because i am a 3rd genertion of my family.Also it alot of fun and i ill b in front of my class when i take it.thanks for the post.
You got alot more to learn than the name of equipment. I hope you learn it long before you get in a fire and everything starts going horribly wrong and you think to your self man this isnt so cool after all. But I have to say some of my greatest accomplishments have come because I opened my alligator mouth and my humminbird butt had to figure out how to get myself out of that situation.
oh and thanks for all of you explorers posting your stories
good post Jonathan Dont worry about the getting bullied I was the guy that everyone picked on in high school. Now Im the one that all the cool girls and guys call if there having a party.

It gets better but remember what you do now in your life now will effect you later in life.
Hey Cap,

My wife has accused me of entering my second(or third) childhood. Does that mean that I can qualify as a Junior?
Thank you for those that have posted. You have helped restore our faith the the future generation. We encourage you to participate and ask us questions, but make sure you put some thought behind it first. If you do I can guarentee that you will get answers and advice.
your welcome capt 106
I have always wanted to be in the fire service. I have been in a fire explorer program for a year and EMS explorers for 3 1/2 years. I help out at my fathers department and in 5 years hope to be on his department.

Currently I am certified in hazmat awarness, ICS 100, 200, and 700, as well as many other smaller things. I am always willing to take oon new traininng oppertunities.

In five years I expect to be certified in FFI and FFII, paramedic, recue tech and a few other things. I hope to be on a career department and maybe FDNY.

And finally I do agree to follow the expectations of FFN forums. I thank each and every person who has helped me on this site to be the best I can be

Ben Barry
Middlefield Vol. Fire Company Explorer
Hunter's Ambulance EMS Explorer
Connecticut Certified Emergency Medical Responder
Age is just a number. It is how you act that dictates how old you are.

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