Well it is T- 6 days until I get my knee replaced with the latest and greatest. I am nervous about it for sure. Yesterday was the pits, my head was for the first time in 27 yrs not in the game at all. Glad it was a quiet shift. The game was at the knee and thinking about how things were going to turn out in the next 6 months.

How many of you FFs out there have had this or other joints replaced and are still on the job. How are you doing, how did it turn out?

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A few of the things I remember my patients doing was jumping into holes, off trailers, off tractors, that sort of thing... High impact!!
20-25 years!! Wow! Did she use ceramic components? I've never used Bio Met, we only use Zimmer (like Art got) and DePuy.
Take care Don! MJ
That's one of the things about surgery, we only hear and see the ones that have problems! Glad to hear yours are doing well.. I'll ask one of the Ortho docs I work with if he has any patients that have that sound!! Like I said, I've never heard of that before...
Wear them warm socks!!!
Take care Art!!! Be safe MJ
It's been almost two years since I have been back to my ortho.
Should I schedule like a 50,000 mile check up?
Or just see him if there is a problem?
Hello, all. Wnated to thank all of you that showed interest on learning about the facts of life when it comes to total knee replacement. This will probably be the last message sent regarding what work I had done. The doctor yesterday has said I can go back to work on May 6th at full duty. The Hanford Fire department has said I have to complete the Fitness for duty testing on May 5th, which will be a piece of cake after what I have been doing and going through.

So much thanks to all that kept my hopes and wants up so I did not stress out. It was needed and greatly appreciated, withouot it I would have gone nuts for sure.

If any of you run into someone that has considered this please give them my email address for them to contact so I can answer most any question there is about it,


Please contact me at dcfdtech@yahoo.com. I would like to ask you some questions. Thanks!!
This is a awesome week, I got to return to work at full duty after being off for this fancy knee replacement after 5 1/2 months. The first day back was spent processing back into the department: through medical clearance, badging (security clearance), Human resources, payroll, computer access IT, department required training (anything I missed that was time critical), and a visit to the Chief and Chief of Operations.

Now I just have to learn everyone on my new shift (I had to change shifts, being exempt has its bad moments). They are a great shift and will be wonderful to work with for quite some time.

Best part was that I AM PAIN FREE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A LONG TIME!!! No one possibily know how much it feels to be pain dree for the first time since the later 70s when I orginaly hurt the knee.

I am still looking for people (fireman) who have had replacement of shoulder, knee, and hip joints. How are you doing, how was the recovery, a lot of others would certainly like to know how you and I did and how they might approach doing it as well. Let's here from you!!!

Don, I had my right hip replaced, I had been jumping our of a C-Cab 7000 Ford F/truck for quite a few years, when I left the seat, I slid off, my right hip took a pounding over the years, when I went to the doctors, he told me that the bones were smashed, Sence I had the replacement, sure I was out 2 month, Light duty another 4 weeks, back to work, I feel great, doing yard work, lifting 50 pound bags, trimming trees, ladder work, no problem, but be careful, take it slow - Follow Doc's orders, you will be O.K. Good luck -Bombero
Bombero, thanks for the get well! It is so nice to hear about other firefighters who had had replacements and can continue to preform on the job. I am doing so great I went and worked in the flower beds today, weed eated the beds and lawn, and even went into the back yard and put out all the summer chairs and tables, it looks pretty nice as I sit out here with a cold one. I am tired from the work but one thing for sure THE KNEE DOES NOT HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus tommorow I get to go to work. Perfect weekend.
That is great news brother. Thanks for the info you gave my wife. It helps a lot!! Stay SAFE!! Floyd Aldridge Jr
Well it has been nearly a month and all is absolutely going great. The leg with the new parts continues to get stronger every day (I am working out nearly everyday like it or not). I am freaking some of the guys at work because I am working out at work. Some have never seen me doing this because I would not because it hurt so much in the knee. Now I can and it feels great. No knee pain, I may be hurting from working out but sure not from the knee. Later.
What a day!!! 6 months + 2 days ago I had a TKR and I just passed my yearly physical and fitness test. Today was the day to test whether or not I made the right decision to get the TKR or not. Never had to plan and decide what to do and have to wait 6 months to find out if what I did was great or career ending. Hope I made the right choice, to late now anyway. But who cares I PASSED THE DAMN THING AND NO ONE I REPEAT NO ONE CAN TAKE THAT FROM ME. Zimm
Last Sunday did what I thought might be impossible. I walked 4 miles in 58 minutes. Boy was I just worn out. Muscles hurt, blisters hurt (never planned for that), sunburn hurt (even with the hat), arms hurt, and the best part THE KNEE DID NOT HURT OR ANYTHING AROUND IT!!!!!!!

Hey, you guys that just won't admit it, you need to get this taken care of. If you do not do something IT WILL END YOUR CAREER, do you want that, no more rush, no more blood pumping, no more driving with light and sirens, no more saving a life that you have trained a lifetime for, when did it not hurt to go do live fire training and be on your knees, does your family worry about you, do you walk funny, when did you last mow the lawn and it did not hurt to do, when was the last time you went to the mall and walked around without having to sit down 3-4 times in an hour because it hurt. Come on go to the doctor and consult with them. Take my blog here into them when they say it can't be done. BULLSHIT IT CAN'T!!!

I am 10 times the firefighter I was 8 months ago when I decided to do this!! I have lost 80 lbs now because of the replacement, I work out at least 5 times a week for at least 90 minutes. Not easy workouts either: 60 minutes on an elip trainer at a 11 METS level for the whole time and then I left weights (about 80 % for the legs and 20 for the rest.

You want to talk, call me 509-539-5533 or email me at dczimmerman6@yahoo.com.

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