Well it is T- 6 days until I get my knee replaced with the latest and greatest. I am nervous about it for sure. Yesterday was the pits, my head was for the first time in 27 yrs not in the game at all. Glad it was a quiet shift. The game was at the knee and thinking about how things were going to turn out in the next 6 months.

How many of you FFs out there have had this or other joints replaced and are still on the job. How are you doing, how did it turn out?

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Will tomorrow is the 3 month point of the knee replacement, everything is moving forward in a good way. Everything is still going good, though rehab is getting tougher and tougher. As the leg is getting stronger so to is the ability to make the knee bend like it should more difficult. both are good but the only thing that wants to give is the knee. OUCH!!
You'll be dancing with the stars before you know it.
Keep it up.
My fake knees has me doing 40 minutes on the stationary bike and just a little over 11 miles. I can actually SQUAT down to pet the dog without it hurting anymore.
Things are going to change for you...All Good!
I am getting there, Thursday I was an a ARC trainer and did 1.2 miles for 30 minutes. I couldn't do that a year ago because of the pain I was having at that time. Thursday was great, though I my calves were sore from non-use. After the doctor in the morning I will head over and do another 30 minutes, and try to do 1.2 again and Maybe add a bit. Doctor has been happy with me for not over doing, but I am pretty sure she knows I have been doing extra stuff.
Well, I have had a nice vacation from the time off for the knee replacement. I have walked at least half a dozen times at what might be turtle slow to some but is way good for me considering what and how things were before. I walked all of them in about 19 minutes, whihc is great. A month ago I did 1.5 miles in almost an hour so the muscles are getting better and better as time goes on. since I just missed 2 weeks of rehab, going back to that is going to be the pits, but it needs to be done regardless, OUCH it is going to hurt (ok, whining done). Plan to work out everyday the rest of this week and walk on the ARC trainer for 45 minutes at a wack. Thank you all for the support so far. I hope I was able to help other people on the job on what it is going to be like.

This looks like my next to last entry that will be made on my knee replacement. The physical therapy people have said they are done with me there is nothing more they can do to improve my range of motion. I then saw the doctor the next day and she said to start lifting weights and working out hard enough to get myself ready to back to work toward the end of April. I am sure ready to go back. Thanks for all the support.
Glad to hear you're on the mend. Hang in there and keep up the hard work! Be safe.
This is driving me nuts, I want to go back to work so bad. One more week before I see the doctor for clearance and then 2 weeks before I can actually be at work.
Glad to hear your doing well and chomping at the bit to get back to work.. I have not read most of the reply's you have gotten so if I say anything someone else did, just disreguard!!
Anyway, I work in surgery as a surgical technician (one of the ones your saw going into surgery that was setting up all the instruments). Unfortunately I have had to assist on a few joint replacement revisions -redo of a total joint replacement- due to people feeling good and not following Doc's orders. Doing something the doc says not to may not immediately cause pain, dislocation, loosening, or anything like that, but repeatedly doing these things causes micromotion that loosens the bone/glue, glue/prosthesis or bone/prosthesis interface and will cause pain and or failure. Not trying to scare you or tell you to "take it easy", just trying to give your new knee the long life you and it deserve!! Also, being hard (doing those things the doc told/tells you not to) could cause the poly (the plastic part between the tibial and femoral component) to fail prematurly, may not have to have a full revision, but it's still another operation that opens your joint to infection!! And then you have real problems! Take care and enjoy getting back to work!!! MJ
I had my right one done in 2004 and my left one done in 2005 and they are both doing great. No pain.
When I ride the stationary bike, the left one is a little tight to start, but after four or five revolutions, it straightens out. Both are Zimmer and both were cemented. I don't plan on having them done again.
I lost weight to add to their longevity. Best decision that I have made to date.
When I golf, I can stress them with I swing with no problems. Hills, stairs and squatting present no problems whatsoever. I have never had a problem with them "locking".
They get a little noisy, but I have a feeling that's normal.
Your best days are ahead, my friend.
No hurry; you have the rest of your life.
The docs say that weight has a lot to do with it.. Good move! What do you mean about "They get a little noisy..."? Do you notice that your knees become colder than the rest of your body? I've heard a few people say that, and a few say they are full of it.... What has your experience been?
From what I've experienced with our patients the "norm" is 12-15 years on the poly.
Doctor told me I will get 20-25 yrs. I had the Bio Met knee put in. She wants more weight off me which is happening pretty well. Nice thing is with the knee pain gone I can work out pain free which will allow for more weight to come off.

Let's see: snow ski is done, water skiing is done, running is over, snowboarding is over before it begins, and she is thinking about ice skating. None of them are things I did much other than the running, but walking works just a well.
What I mean by "noisy" is when I am walking down the hallway in my bare feet, my knees are sort of "clicking" as I walk. I can feel and I can hear it. There is no pain associated with it. It almost "grinds" like a cartilage problem, but without the pain.
The doc who did mine oversized the poly pad and thought it might be roughing up the back side of the patella, causing pain. I watched it and it went away.
My knees don't get colder and they don't attract the cold. The surgery sites are still somewhat numb.
However, my feet are like ice. No; it's not poor circulation. Venous Doppler confirms excellent circulation in both.
Over all, I have been very pleased.
I don't have as many back problems, since I now walk with a normal gait.
Zim; my doctor told me one thing. No contact sports.

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