Well it is T- 6 days until I get my knee replaced with the latest and greatest. I am nervous about it for sure. Yesterday was the pits, my head was for the first time in 27 yrs not in the game at all. Glad it was a quiet shift. The game was at the knee and thinking about how things were going to turn out in the next 6 months.

How many of you FFs out there have had this or other joints replaced and are still on the job. How are you doing, how did it turn out?

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Hang in there! I have my fingers crossed for you. Hugs and prayers.
Hey, Zim:
When I had mine done, straightening was worse than flexion. Sounds like you got that dialed.
I am doing 10 miles on the stationary bike in 35 minutes. Resistance is set pretty tight too. I can't wait to get my Trek out in the spring and doing some road miles.
I have noticed a little pain in the left one when I first start out. I think I might have a little inflammation from working it so hard. But it's better than the alternative.
Glad to hear everything's going good for you.
hello..... i know atleast a good bit bout how you feel! had a new ACL put in and had some of my cartilage removed/smoothed out on friday........... are they going to have you on the ice sleeve machine and the one that bends and straightens you knee over and over again to reduce scarring?

they have me on it, its pretty neat, i just have the ice one workin at the same time as the movin one so it hurts less.......

i havent had too much true knee pain yet, mostly just a bit of discomfort over the incision point.


obviously im a bit too much in the acute phase to letcha know how itll turn out, but theyre saying ill be back to about 100% in 4 months (no FD til then though :( )
how much was the tens machine?..... sounds like a good idea to get!
Ah, yes; the ACL. I will raise your ACL with a PCL and LCL. My very first surgery was to repair a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament, Posterior Cruciate Ligament and the Lateral Collateral Ligament. After that healed, I had the other knee done to repair a torn ACL and a Medial Lateral Ligament. Pins and staples all had to be removed when I had both knees replaced.
You want to reduce scarring? Have them GLUE the incision next time. It is amazing.
Good luck with your rehab. If you need any advice, let me know. I had everything imaginable done to my knee joints leading up to replacement. I am a veteran of 13 major knee surgeries. I know a little something about them.
goodness gracious!!!! 13 surgeries???? ida called it quits long ago!!! i really hope this is my only one! ............ feel free to throw any advice ya have at me, im all ears :)
I paid $40 for the tens machine, on amazon.com.
not bad at all!
Boy, was today's rehab rough. Seems like it took forever to get out of there. Rough does not even say it right. The rehab expert bent the knee all the way to 105 degrees. We finally figured out what to do to hold me in place to put the bending in the fight area of the leg and knee. Wow, such fun!!! UUUGGGHHH!!! Then my wife for fun took me to COSTCO to walk the isles for about and hour +. Nice nap in the after noon, she took me to a movie and then a late lunch, what nap. I am beat, but my knee feels great. Thanks for the replies, they help a bunch.
ugg this is soooo not making me look forward to rehab when it starts next week!
Consider the fact that if you do not do rehab and do it 200% every day what the long term effect will be. Work abilites go way down and quality of life goes down just as bad. My doctor and I had very long talk about this, so I had it in my head that what I was doing was going to be a life changing experience whether I liked it ot not. She said very clearly that if my head was not in the game then I was going to fail on both fronts. Waht a reality check conversation that was. I may complain about the rehab, but tommorow I will be doing it again for sure, because I want to continue to be a leader in the department, make sure all my gals & guys go home at end of shift with all their fingers and toes, and that I go home to my family with a feeling of success and happiness.
oh yes i definetely will give rehab my all.... im far far too active to give up any quality of life to something as stupid as a knee injury :) i just wont have fun doin it.........

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