Well it is T- 6 days until I get my knee replaced with the latest and greatest. I am nervous about it for sure. Yesterday was the pits, my head was for the first time in 27 yrs not in the game at all. Glad it was a quiet shift. The game was at the knee and thinking about how things were going to turn out in the next 6 months.

How many of you FFs out there have had this or other joints replaced and are still on the job. How are you doing, how did it turn out?

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Relllllaxxxx....it'll be fine...I've had two menisectomies on my left knee and I'm still running half marathons. Your recovery is 90% in your head. I'm not a candidate for joint replacement, because I'm too young (and that was music to my ears).
I bounded back from two fairly major surgeries on my knee and beyond the odd "twinge" am feeling so strong. Do some pre-emptive work and take Glucosamine Chondroiton to keep the joints lubricated...try some fish oil too.
I'm so close to 100% again..I know you'll be fine.
I had my right knee replaced in 2004 and my left one done in 2005.
I had already had 11 previous surgeries on my knees, so it was nothing new. I had epidural anaesthesia and that went well. I spent three and a half days in the hospital for the first one and two and a half days in the hospital in 2005. They will keep you medicated for pain.
At two weeks, they started my therapy.
It was the best decision that I ever made. I am 55 years old. They really didn't want to do it on someone so "young", but the joints were junk and had no choice. I had 65 degrees flex in the right and 85 degrees of bend in the left by the time they did surgery.
Now; I have 95 degrees in the right and 115 degrees in the left. I am pain free for the first time in 36 years. I walk wherever I go, I ride bicycles in the summer and a stationary in the winter. I can get on my hands and knees once again. I can squat. I am normal again. I have Zimmer Titanium prosthetic knees.
I have a great orthopedic surgeon and life is good once again.
If you want to talk more, you know where to find me.
thanks for the support, I feel some better about it now that I hear other FF out there have had the same issues. Yea my right knee is junk as well to many yrs running and gunning and now I am ready for the cure. sure will be nice to be pain free and be able to do cpr on my knees instead of one knee in the air or go for a walk and not hurt for 2 days after a couple of miles. See you both in a week or so when the drugs wear off enough to type with out spell check. HAHA Went fishing today for the last time next time will be with the new knee in maybe march
Some of my best work was while I was under the influence of Tramadol and Vicodin. They were alternated. First; two Vicodin. Then, two hours later, two Tramadol. Repeat.
Uh; I did that for SIX weeks post surgery, which is why the doc said "no driving" for six weeks.
I won't tell you what I told him.
Physical therapy started in the second week. Lots of stretching and manipulation by the therapist. Then, on to the treadmill for 10 minutes. Then, she would put a chair at the back of the stationary bike and have me rotate as far as I could and then reverse and keep doing that for 10 minutes. To accelerate my progress, I went home and that evening, I would do it again.
Are they going to have you on a leg machine at home? I thought it was great! They did it for my first one, but didn't do it for my last one and honestly, I thought my left took a little longer without the leg machine. I whole heartedly recommend it.
As your day approaches and you have any questions, just let me know. I was the youngest one in both my joint classes. Others were calling me "kid". That was nice.
Best wishes to you. It's weird, but I had both of mine done in December too.
I do get a leg machine, and was told day 2 I will be up walking the hallways and on Friday I have my first therapy with therapist. Now t minus 1.5 days. I am actually looking forward to it now because I know the end result will be better than what i have. it would be nice to not limp or be able to do stuff I have been able to for years.
DAY 2?
They made me get up the SAME day. I asked them to come back later, but they would have none of that.
Tell you what: just the thought that I would be pain free for the first time in 36 years made the momentary pain of the surgery and therapy WELL WORTH IT. I can take steps like a normal person. I can bend my legs to put socks and shoes on. I can squat down to tie a shoe. I can get on my hands and knees and it doesn't hurt.
I ride a stationary bike for twenty minutes at 16 mph and get off of it and take the dog for a 3/4 mile hike.
I DID have to drop some weight earlier in the year though, because the knees were starting to hurt again. Doc said it was extra weight. I went from 260 down to 180 and I feel like a teenager again.
The only thing I hate about them is the delay at the airport. Even though I have cards and I tell them, I have to step aside and let airport security have their way with me.
Otherwise, it's great.
I'll be thinking about you.
Well the surgery is over, and it Saturday late evening and I would have to say that I am glad I had the TKR done.( At least so far) The meds are sure good take pills feel absolutly nothing in the area of the knee, teeth, ankles or much else LOLLOL

Surgery site looks good, my ass hurts from way to laying in bed, on the couch, exam tables, therapy tables, floors, and anywhere else someone wanted me to lay down out.

The thing most to note about this is that my knee does not hurt any more. I do not feel the pain that has been there such a long time. Instead I have no things to feel. THose will probably take a long time to get under control, but with all of the help I have received I plan to achieve my goals.
Glad to hear all went well.
I forgot to tell you that, when they did my left knee, they closed the incision with GLUE. I had no staples or sutures to remove. And the scar is so cool.
On my right leg, they had to go through the scar of a previous surgery, so they used staples and I HATE STAPLES.
Keep crankin' that leg machine.
I know how weird, but how GREAT it is to be without pain.
Soon, you will be able to get back to lots of fun stuff.
Well, it is almost a month since the TKR (total knee replacement) and I am walking with the aid of a cane (the PT therapy said I could dump the walker). both has that increased by range of moving around. Still can not drive but I can walk down the street and say hi to the neighbors for the first time since the surgery.

PT is the the pits (no pain no gain for sure) but I am more than willing to do it so I can get back to work in the next few months. Any of you thinking about this knee stuff remember the after of the surgery is a lot harder than the surgery, but the rewards are certainly worthwhile.

What you thought was a little gain before is a lot bigger now, so you learn a but humble pie real quick.

Interesting things happening around the knee: 1) no pain (WOW), 2) the nerves are coming back to life, you get some really neat twitches now and then, 3) went for a walk in the neighborhood last night about 6pm was home 20 minutes later exhausted (I went to bed worn out totally), & 4) went out in front yard today for 30 minutes pickuping up the trash from wind storm (with my new cane) came back into the house and had to ice the knee down, golly it hurt. I must have over done and did not know it (I DO NOW!!!)

It has now been 6 weeeks, and the doctor says I will live (HaHaHa). She says I am doing great & to keep up the work at rehab PT. No major or minor issues, some time the tendons get sore at times, but it is due to them learning to work right. She said I work out and get into better shape, but not to over due or I would be back in to see her because I overdid.

Or anyone thinking about doing this, be sure and research this out quite well. It can be a major issue for your work and life style. As the doctor and the rehab people a lot of questions before you ever get to surgery. YOU MUST GO IN VERY WELL INFORMED BEFORE SURGERY!!!!!

I would agree with you. I have not had a knee replacement or any type of surgery on my knees. I have had surgery on my C-5,6,and 7 all are fused together. I came out fine and have some pain from time to time. I found a tens (what they use in your therapy). I would recommend you getting one for these for you to do some therapy at home. They are cheap and you already know the placements for the electrodes. I bought mine off of amazon and love it. It gives me that little massage that loosens the muscles and helps with movement. I am still on the job and doing well. Good luck with journey to recovery.
Eight weeks now, I love it. Working hard to make the leg get better, Everyday is just a bit more I can get out of it. Rehab ladies measured and I have 182 degrees flat and 100 degrees bend. They want 110 degrees total. the last 10 could be real tough. Quad muscle is getting bigger (slowly) but that is ok. I knew it would take a long time, does not happen over night. I will help it along in March when I go to baseball spring training for a week and play gold most every day

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