I started a Facebook group not too long ago. It picked up some traffic, but not too much (several hundred people from an array of departments).

I just had to recreate the group, since Facebook is archiving groups that don't "upgrade." What this does is erases everything from the group, so I have to start from scratch once again. I've invited a couple hundred people, and I've posted some articles from a couple of websites (this one included).

This is not an organization, nor do we take donations. This group is meant to spread awareness about firefighters throughout the world. What I hope to see is other fire departments interacting with fire department supporters, people posting pictures, and people posting experiences.

Click here to see the "Support Your Local Fire Department" page

Spread the word. I'll do my best to constantly update the page with fresh stories pertaining to firefighting, as well as other emergency service branches.

And just in case the hyperlink doesn't work, here's the URL:

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I've never really understood the benefit of Facebook or the point to it....
To stay connected with people you know, and to meet new people as well.
To stay connected with people you know, and to meet new people as well.
I use a phone or email to stay in touch- I know,probably a little bit old fashioned....

As for meeting new people, I'll take the old fashion way of face-to-face where I can (mind the pun) get the whole picture, not just what they post on line. (FFN certainly has its share of wanna-be's and wankers just to prove the point!)
But the people you meet on facebook will, for the most part, never sit at your dinner table. Contact is through facebook alone, which means ungodly amounts of time on the computer, depending on how many "friends" you have.
The friends I have, I keep close. They are the ones who will sit at my dinner table, and never need to contact me through a website. If there are "friends" who only communicate through facebook, are they really friends?
So, what you are attempting to do is what FFN, as well as other sites, is doing now? Is that correct?

I'm with lutan1, I don't get it.
All the fun of social intercourse without the messy bother of actually having to deal with people.
Meeting face-to-face is ssssooo 1980's !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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