Just wondering if anyone has seen the video "Into the Fire" the video aired on the History Channel a year or so ago, I ordered the dvd online and I watch it pretty regularly. It is a very good video about what we do for a living.

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yup. I have it on DVD around here somewhere. It's a great portrayal of firefighters.
The TIC portion is a little off, nobody teaches firefighters to WALK through the smoke/fire as they did in the video.
I loved the video, it was such a true and needed video. I wish there was more of them, very insightful. I have seen it a few times and somed it to different people and recieved the same thoughts.
Is it like a documentary of a firefighters life? I myself am waiting to see "Fireproof" it comes out Jan 27th....Ill have to check out the one u mentioned....
Yeah, I remember watching that. Actually, I think I just thought of something my wife can get me for Christmas...the DVD! Thanks, John!
Fireproof IS a good movie. But it isn't like Backdraft or Ladder 49. It is a Christian made film about relationships more than firefighters. Don't want to spoil it for you but don't expect a lot of fire.
Hey John,
if its the one i'm thinking of. some of it was filmed with the Hudson Fire Dept. at their central station here where I live in Hudson, NY. Bring it to the saloon this weekend and we'll watch it and throw back a few..
The one glaring truth in that TV movie is the line "we are universal health care" was right on.

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