I was on line looking up some firefighting items and I came across this question and thought it was interesting. If you had to have only one image...one icon...to represent the fire service as a whole...what would it be? Dalmation? Leather helmet? American LaFrance? Brass pole? Maltese cross? Ahrens-Fox?? Others??

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I was thinking something similar today. How many people have seen a fire truck that looks like this.
Leather helmet might work but not all depts use those.
I think you probably would have to go with a Maltese cross. But to our brothers/sisters in other countries, would this work?
I would have to opt for the Maltese Cross....one cannot fight tradition...isn't that what we are...?? I for one am very proud to wear it and do so whenever I have the opportunity.....Stay safe all and remember to keep the faith..........Paul
The Knights of St John weren't firefighters. They were based on Malta but their fighting was more to do with the crusades. They were also known as the Knights Hospitaller - with a hospital in Jerusalem. The Romans had organised fire brigades, which was just a few centuries earlier...

The Maltese Cross? I think that's mainly a North American tradition - we tend towards the eight pointed star; traditionally the emblem of an order of knighthood. Other countries will have very different traditions.

A single emlem? Here possibly a pair of crossed firemens axes - small belt hung axes originally worn by all firemen. The sign Jay posted would be recognised as a fire engine, even though none of ours really looked like that.
I think St Murphy is more appropriate :)
I don't think that works for our Jewish brothers.
I think this sums it up....

dingdingding. I think we have a winner!!!!
Next time I find one of those in a fire, I will call one of you guys to come carry it out. Even minus the heels, she is way too tall for me to haul over my shoulder. :)
i think lutan1 has the winning pic
LMAO I Can Go 4 This!!!!!!!!
A helmet with a Maltese Cross on it.
Not all FDs have/had dalmations.
Leather helmets or a helmet of any type would work. They are of a unique design to the fire service.
An American LaFrance or Ahrens-Fox are both good Icons but someone will invariably say "I've never seen one of those"
Brass poles, might be mistaken for some other type of pole or not recognized by children at all.
The Maltese Cross is recognized by people who are not firefighters as a symbol of the fire service.
But isn't everybody subject to St Murphy? I'm non-religious myself, but the prick keeps sticking his nose into things I do!

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