It's real embarrassing when people you know show up at your house to put out a fire you started. Nobody hurt except my pride.

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maybe embarrasing but it happens
FYI update. Neighbors cable/phone/internet restored. Bushes gone. Trying to figure out what to plant there now. Ice Cream delivered to the station. The ribbing wasn't too bad.
At least it wasent the FD it's self our FD had that hapen once thea wear at another call and just finishd when a member of the EMS called on the radio to come back in a hurry. We had to get a new furnce oh well glad I wasent ther at the time LOL. Hum might have to invok a ice cream rule in this FD. Had a brand new member slide off the rode ON the way to the FD meeting that evreyone was at all redy how inbarising for him. No one was hurt either and he maeged not to hit A rode sing came with in 6" of it
I totally understand doing this. It's just as bad as when I burnt my kitchen and I was off duty; but my husband was on duty and his crew was dispatched to our house to put out the darn fully involved grease fire. Even worse was when I did it again 3 mos later without grease being involved. On the plus side, I am not allowed near the kitchen anymore. LOL.

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