Does anyone have any information on the IFSI programs for Illinois....the light and fight in Rockford/Cherry Valley Illinois or other surrounding towns AND im looking for information on the Fire Service Women of Illinois - IFSI training. If you have any information on either please let me know. If there are any other female firefighter courses that you know of please let me know and perhaps share your expireince with me.

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its sad for someone whos bigger n seems stronger than me to not do as good a job if not better. i think the LT was kidding but he still shoudnt have said that. its sounds kinda out of place for an LT to be saying that. thanks for the link. i dont believe they have anything up yet.
thanks trainer. i tried lookin it up yesterday but maybe i should call and ask when the class will be available to register.
"Ask WestPhilly...."? Oh, it's like that, is it? OK.

Tell Kali that bigger and stronger guys should absolutely do a better job than me. (At any of the many physically-demanding fireground activities - which is what I'm sure you were alluding to.) If they can't, they're only bigger and not stronger. Bigger isn't necessarily better, but bigger and stronger is almost always better. And that's no myth being perpetrated - or even perpetuated - by you.

And tell Kali everything else she said was very good advice. But ask her if the fire classes "geared just towards women" are for fires geared just toward women. I'm just askin'........

By the way, if you drop the Y from Kayli, you get Kali. Are you two the same chick? Still, I'm just askin'......
no we're not the smae chick. :) i never looked at it that way.....bigger isnt neccesarily always better.
I absolutely agree with you that bigger isn't always the be-all and end-all. (The Irish part of me is proof of that.)
what is wrong with you n west philly??? u two seem to have lots of rivalry. i understnd if ur kiddin but it sure dont seem like it.
Rivalry? You give give Kali too much credit. A rivalry would imply some degree of equality between us. And that's just crazy talk. WestPhilly is to Kali, what a, say, 4000-run-a-year company is to a 1500-run-a-year company. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Do you think she'll get mad when she reads this? She better take care not to get my Irish up. (So to speak.)
That would be the good one percent...

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