hey guys..


im a little bit stuck and need some ideas to help me move along..


having just started getting into the competition side of things (stair climb, combat challenge waterways etc) and needing a few ideas to help me out..


I have a spare helmet which im wanting to use for my competitons - will save my operational one from damage etc etc..


so far all i have come up with is getting it painted black - instead of yellow, from what i can tell it is a kevlar style helmet, no leathers here lol, is there a certain type of paint which i will need to use on this?



now for the tricking part, im hoping someone here will have a couple of ideas or maybe has the artistic side which i do not posess unfortunately, Im trying to get some ideas to use as graphics.


was thinking of doing one side for the combat challenge, showing the 5 events, but havent been able to find any pictures that i could use in small size apart from the 'scott' logo of the firefighter dragging the hose.. anybody got anything? or have done something which may be of help?




Dave K


Porirua Volunteer Fire Brigade

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Dave I cant realy help you but I can say this. If I was you I would focus on one event in the competition that you are good at and not worry with the rest. I seen where alot of people have been some what putting you down for wanting to get into competitons but you might only have two years on the department or as some say 2 years in 20 years experience. If they knew thier history of the fire service then they would know that it was competitons that help shape the fire service to the way it is today. Competitons is the reason why fire trucks have crome and also when departments entered competions they didnt enter their vets they entered the probie so that the probie's could see what they was made of and what they can do when their heart and soul was put into something. I hope you do good and I wish you all the best.

P.S training hard and learn as much as you can cause who knows maybe some day we will work side by side
some people have natural talent, its not bout how long your in for its bout the experience you get while in, competitions are great way to better your skills it is also practice, i know im a year out of date writing this but it should apply to anyone its not how long its bout what you've done in that time
people can be better at more than one thing you know

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