I like to know how many co. carry ice melt on there trucks i know about speedy dry for MVA but this is on our utility engine so i was thinking to put ice melt on the trucks for this time of year i know alot of towns use the plubic works dept to do salting but i thought it would be good to have a bag so the operator can use around the engine when he is pump opps

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I would advise against ice melt. Coming from a ski resort here are my reasons: most ice melt requires sunlight to activate it so if you have a call in the evening hours its pretty much useless. If you have a call during daylight you have successfully created a puddle of water and no traction. Now your puddle of water will freeze when the sun goes down and your next call may be an ambulance call for someone who slipped on the ice or an accident involving a collision. Go with what Capt 723 said and use floor dri or kat litter.
Floor dry, Absorbent, Cat litter, Saw dust will all do what you are looking for without causing any other hazards to worry about later as Marshall Flick had stated. The other issue with it would be that after you spread the ice melt and you stood on it or in it you now have it on your boots and were do you suppose it is going to end up. You guessed it. In the cab, around the pedals etc. The trucks are exposed to enough road salt just by driving them to and from calls. There is no reason to create a way for the truck to rust away from the inside out.
Same here :)
We carry oil dry on our truck.
we do carry speedy dry but on our utility engine but this dose not roll on all calls so my best bet is to get some on the fisrt out

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