should us as volunteer firefighters push to have a union that accepts we do the same job as a paid guy (not pushing the IAFF down) but i mean if u look at it there are more people who put there time there gas to save there asses and i know we dont pull shifts (some VOL departments have them pull shifts so calm down) but we here tones just like a guy with a pay check roll our butts out of bed to ware the same badge so any input or support welcome (i respect the IAFF 100% so please dont get mad at how i put things)

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I can understand the financial limitations imposed, however, when you say, "At the same time, people expect us to show-up when they need us." they appear to be rather unrealistic. They can't afford (or are unwilling) to finance a fire department but expect one to show up anyway.

Unless there is a volunteer police department, volunteer public works department and everyone in local government works for free, then the argument that they can't afford a fire department is at best, weak and at worst nonsense.

Being unable to find qualified firefighters and a lack of funding are two very separate and independent arguments. But in either case, an expectation on the part of the community for their fire department to risk their lives with limited or no funding is absurd and dangerous.
There are plenty of "organizations" out there purporting to represent volunteers.
Why would you want to throw more money at it with the off chance that you might see real progress on the issues to which you speak?
For my money, I am going to buy a lobbyist. I will own him lock, stock and barrel. He will do exactly what I want with no excuses. He will get me what I want.
And it will have been worth every penny paid.
Ah, thanks.
I have to ask.....why....? Why would I want to pay some organization to "represent" me...?? (Yes they don't do it out of the goodness of their hearts...they aren't volunteers) It won't increase my pay, nor my benefits..... Chief told us we did such a good job last year he was doubling our salary anyways(Lets see; 2 times is zero is.......???)
We're following Art's guidance. :) Thread usual the volunteer v. career thing devolves...


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