I Wish to Go Into the Military as a Firefighter but Which Branch?

I like the action but wanna get out alive w/o having to kill the whole time as firefighter i want to save lives as a milatary personnell i wish to serve and protect my country under all costs whether it be with a gun in my hand or a hose. So i guess its hard to explain but to put it simply i wanna save more than i kill HOORAH!

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Any info about operations should not be discussed in public period. Especially on the web. What you think is harmless is a piece of a puzzle that can be put together by those who want to do us harm. It is not up to you, me or anyone else to determine what info can be displayed about military operations on the web. It shouldn't be done.

PS That piece of the puzzle is still posted.
how do i delete the talk anything that harms us harms all
Lots of NAVY guys here.... Me Too... Retired Fire Control Chief... The Computer Radar Gun Missile Fire Control... And Yes I too was trained as a Firefighter.... 3 Destroyers 10 Years of Sea Duty in a 20 year career.

I agree with much that John Crabbe writes Especially looking at the Military Dot Com forums. They have some Recuiter Forums and a great place to ask questions....

As to one of your questions, "Can a Officer Fight Fires?" Technically no unless it's and all out Conflag. But there is a position on ships called the DCA or Damage Control Assistant. It is a spot that many young officers rotate through in there early career. You would be responsible for the Damage Control and Firefighting on the ship. A Job I bet you would LOVE.

As many of the members have posted here, the Military is hard to get into at this point with the Economy being bad.... I thought I saw on military dot com that the Navy was doing away with Warrant Officers if I remember correctly.... Could be wrong???.

If you decide to go Military in my opinion you can't go wrong.... I made Chief (E7) in less than 10 years before things tightened up. More from in my early years they stated Drug Testing and allot of my SMART Friends got Popped on the P Test and that big hole in the Conveyor Belt of time was missing a bunch of really smart guys... So I made every advancement the first time. It is posted here about the Navy Damage Control Tech that did 8 years then went Coast Guard. Advancement is hard now, and in the early years many young military especially if married with kids get FOOD STAMPS.... So be prepared for the early lean years.... The military is cracking down on Financial Responsibility and many young families are getting put out of the military.... So do your research.... Do the Training Tests, they will help.

Good Luck, AL FCC(SW) Retired Pocono Mountains PA www.AccountabilityTag.com
Is that better? Its gone. So after 1,000 replies, whats the decision?
If you want to be a firefighter air force is your best option. If you want to kill and be a firefighter army or marines is your best option. But like other people said fire fighting is a tough job to get into. A lot of bases, forts, camps, and stations are going all civilian so that's making it even harder to get the job. Like others have said you get your vet points either way weather your a firefighter or a paper pusher. If you do go air force goto an ACC base or overseas you'll get the most action there. Stay away from headquarters bases there a lot of politics and bullshit. I hope this helps good luck and godspeed. SrA Gillen engineer Peterson AFB Fire Dept.
I didn't do a damn thing to study for the asvab and got like 70 on it for firefighting falls under the general portion of the test so if you do study, study the general portion the most but don't forget to study the rest too
P.S. You only need like a 37 to be eligble for air force fire fighting
As a firefighter in the air force the only officer in your chain of command is the squadron commander no other officers
As a former military officer and a past Federal Fire Chief of a base that closed down, here is the deal. Most base fire departments are manned by civilian fire fighters. Some bases still have mixed departments of military and civilian but that is thinning out slowly. In order to work as a Civilian Fire Fighter you will have to apply to the US Office of Personnel Management at www.opm.gov. Most job postings for firefighters are on USA JOBS their website is www.usajobs.gov. You will have to apply to them. Also most of the job requirements will not accept you unless you have the certifications or have been to the DOD Academy. Now for a harsh dose of reality on federal jobs, retuning veterans have priority over non-vets. So with so many vets retuning home you chance is very slim. Sorry to burst your bubble but that is just the state of things right now.

My recommendation would be to find a municipal or country fire department and take the test and become a full time firefighter that way.

As for joining the Navy, yes you will learn how to firefight, However this will be shipboard firefighting only, no houses, no high-rise buildings. You will not learn vehicle extraction or skills such as that. Do not get me wrong I’m all for serving your country but don’t let the recruiter BS you. I wish you the very best luck.
AFTER ALL OF YOUR WONDERFUL ABSOLUTELY AWESOME INTEL i have decided to go Navy i see advancement oppurtunities gonna rise in the future for the navy and i really appreciate all the other branches though really the navy sees,does, and seems exactly for what i asked :D thanks to yall i got a road to travel
My husband is a Machinest Mate and a Firefighter in the Navy. All Navy personnel are trained in as firefighters. If you was a job just as a firefighter in the Navy you wanna be a DC (damage control). Problem you are going to find in and branch is that job is VERY hard to come by. Your best bet is going to be Navy or Air Force. If you have any questions dont hesitate to ask.
i understand damage controlmen and i also understand its hard to come by so do you think a bachelor's degree of fire and science and mechanics and emt also being a junior firefighter would help out??? cuz thats my plan

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