I Wish to Go Into the Military as a Firefighter but Which Branch?

I like the action but wanna get out alive w/o having to kill the whole time as firefighter i want to save lives as a milatary personnell i wish to serve and protect my country under all costs whether it be with a gun in my hand or a hose. So i guess its hard to explain but to put it simply i wanna save more than i kill HOORAH!

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No. Having a degree, certs, jr experience etc will not help your chances of getting FF in really any branch. Jobs are obtained by how you score on the ASVAB test and if you have no physical limitations (like colorblindness) to do the job. The other, uncontrolled issue, is if the job is available to do and only a classifier at MEPS would know. In all actuality damage controlman will not be as difficult to get into as say that of Air Force FF. The more difficult jobs to get into are those that are overstaffed like MA (Master at Arms or Navy version of MP)

If you want DC, try taking a practive ASVAB or check out a book about how to pass an ASVAB from your local library. (most books have a sample practice test). Also, don't hesitate to talk with a recruiter now about your plans because they can help steer you in the right direction and give you a heads up on what you need to do.

Another rating that works side by side with DC is Hull Technician or HT. These are basically the plumbers, welders, etc for the ship. On small ships they work within the same division ad DC and work on the same type of equipment as DC and also tend to be intergral members of a fire party. When I was a DC, I learned quite a bit from working alongside HT's. I served on a small ship (frigate) and an aircraft carrier. I actually preferred the samll ship working alongside HT's and working outside my rating than what I did on a carrier. Just something to consider if DC were not available and HT was.

As I mentioned before the job you do in the military really has no bearing if you decide to become a career FF. Take advantage of college courses offered while serving because you can knock out many general ed requirements for a degree. The skills you learn will be great.

A plus which the Navy does offer though is travel. I got too see many places that I normally never would have.

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