I Wish to Go Into the Military as a Firefighter but Which Branch?

I like the action but wanna get out alive w/o having to kill the whole time as firefighter i want to save lives as a milatary personnell i wish to serve and protect my country under all costs whether it be with a gun in my hand or a hose. So i guess its hard to explain but to put it simply i wanna save more than i kill HOORAH!

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ouch i am sorry to hear that i hope that changes soon
you have all given me such great advice last part of this question in the testing what should i know specifically more or does it equally branch through basic knowledge?
No, that is not the extent of my experience. Personally it doesn't matter if the person takes my advice or not, I have nothing to gain or lose by it. What I do know is that despite the training you get in the military, chances of taking that experience and landing a career FF job is slim. The person doing grunt work as the same chance of getting a job as someone who was a FF in the military. Secondly, I understand the reality and the gravity of the current situation facing people looking to go into the service today. The days of going in "job-locked" are really not happening and recruiters can afford to be picky right now. That is the reality of going into the service today, you have people with college degrees enlisting moreso than ever before, you have ex military finding it next to impossible to get back in, and No, I'm not basing this info just on what I read on another forum. However, it would probably make more sense to seek advice about the military on a military based site vs a FF based site. This is the reality today and I'm not looking at a narrow picture either.
i probably won't get out and i am perfectly understanding that i do not fear death.....i want death to fear me I am ready to put my life to protect the ones i love and happy to do so i am not seeking to kill only to protect but i know what ordered to do will be done
My advice would be to go to the library and check out a practice ASVAB book. Take a look and do some of the sample tests, you will have a better understanding of what it entails. The test covers math, mechanics, reading, spelling and so forth. Since it is a general aptitude test, the results are used to determine if one qualifies for one job or another. If you want the best chance at the most jobs available, you have to score well. Some jobs rely more on math and spelling and some on mechanical and science, etc. Best bet would be to get such a practice book so you know where you are strong and where you are weak and to concentrate accordinly.
k thx preciate it:D
Me personally I'm a fan of Damage Control in the Navy. My opinion is completely bias by the way, I was going to join the Navy and do Damage Control. In the end it's all up to you. Just make sure to do lot's and lot's of research before you make a decision. Go down to your local recruitment offices for each branch and get information, LOT'S of information before you make a decision. Good luck.
thanks man will do :D
i served in the USAF as a Security Forces personnel. I liked doing Law enforcement and NUke security but damn i wish i would of wetn to USAF FD them guys had the life. everyone that has served in the Militay will tell you USAF has a better quality of living thats why they call it the chairforce. But you need to decide where you want to and go for you need to look at all the pros and cons.
Its a good thing you wish to serve your country.
I was in the Air Force as a Firefighter for 4 years, deployed as a AF firefighter also with marine units and army units.

I am by no means picking on the Army or marines/navy for my comments

i went to the fire academy through Goodfellow AFB Tx. All branches train there. so we all get the same basic firefighter training, with that said

Marines are Primary Aircraft (ARFF). Really good knowelage about Aircraft, Do NOT do structural very much most Marine bases have GS Civilians as structural firefighters.( I am a DoD FF/EMT on a marine base)

Army does not have many firefighter positions for active duty. Almost all of those positions are full time guard.

Navy "Everyone is a Freighter" on ship/shore primary job is damage control those are some good guys know alot about ships etc.

AF- Crash crew and Structural are in the same. Certs which now in this time that paper means all. We did it all pretty much. Hope some of this info helps you.
Wow, yeah is surprising on the EMT class thing usually since i have been in hawaii and now in SC, they told me to just go to the hospital find out when the basic class starts and you can take it, or u can go to the colleges and they are supposed to pay for it but idk, im an MP and i wanted to be a FF more than anything but it was not open 5 years ago at all everyone was getting turned away from it, now im trying to reclass to it since that is what i want to do and have been doing since 1998 have any ideas how to accomplish that? im kinda tired of the Police stuff right now at least on the Military side of it.
so i am planning to go to rotc how do i face this can i be an officer firefighter in the airforce?

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