I Wish to Go Into the Military as a Firefighter but Which Branch?

I like the action but wanna get out alive w/o having to kill the whole time as firefighter i want to save lives as a milatary personnell i wish to serve and protect my country under all costs whether it be with a gun in my hand or a hose. So i guess its hard to explain but to put it simply i wanna save more than i kill HOORAH!

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What's up Haas! you enjoying the New York winter?
I was in marine corps boot camp with a guy that was like 5 foot and he was our company iron man short guys can bust out crunches and pull ups short arms less travel.
Think OPSEC. Loose lips sink ships.
And you only need a 2 year degree to make WO-1 instead of 4 to make Lt.

Actually a degree isn't a requirement for warrant officer, it can be preferred and can help in the selection, but a warrant is there for the technical skills, unlike a line officer, who could be placed anywhere in command. However, one typically has to be an E-6 or E-7 to be considered for warrant or limited duty officer and that will take several years to accomplish.
HOWEVER, if you want to be Damage Controlman (for instance) and that is all you want to do, do not sign anything unless they (the Navy) has it on your enlistment contract that you are guaranteed the Damage Controlman "A" School. They CAN guarantee "A" Schools. Thats how I signed up, and after speaking with my brother-in-law who is currently a Navy recruiter, it is still done.

"They" being the classifier at MEPS, not the recruiter. And yes, don't sign anything if you do not like what is offerred, although it becomes harder for a recruiter to work with you if you are job locked.
Nowadays you actually pick your MOS, your ASVAB will determine which job you are eligible for, so the higher the score, the more available jobs. The Army has few FireFighter jobs and probably none are available, most FF's are in the Guard and Reserves and serve with the Engineers. I would strongly suggest that you look at the Air Force...however, if you want to save lives, go to the Army and become a medic. Once you complete medic course, you will have taken and passed the EMT-B National Registry, which is a much needed course for the civilian sector FireFighter. Good Luck.
i spent 8 yrs. in the navy as a crash fire rescueman. i went to school in tennesee. and i was also a firefighter for the ship i was on. then i joined the national guard and had no choice what job i was going to do. i was stuck on a tank for 9 yrs. and 2 trips to iraq as an mp. so i would say go air force. i see they do more structure fire fighting.
Good thing I dont travel via ship.
i'm going with the assumption that you are from the good ol'e USA? Here in Canada "Most" firefighters in the military are civilian members, very few bases have a military fire dept. here....it's starting to faze out and being replaced with either local fire/rescue depts or outside contract(s) issued by the DND....but in which ever case you decide best of luck military life isn't for everyone and then again for some it's the best thing to ever happen to them...cheers
lolz i'll drink to that (no legal age for russians) but ya i understand my dad says the exact same and i agree some are for it and some aren't i'll find out one way or another
Are you kidding me Jason. That was an anaolgy and a hint for you to STFU about operations (aircraft) on the ANG/USAF base you work on. If you have read the news in the last 8 plus years you would know we are a nation at war. I suggest you delete that post.
Billy, calm down. Now if he were giving the days, times, amount of flights, etc., etc. then I would be all for you getting upset. I probably would as well. Really though, what he stated was harmless.

Jason, for future references, think before you speak for operational, personnel(al) and national security. Oh, and job security!

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