im new to fie fighting and have some quistions.

1: is fire fighting a good career choice?

2: i was going to join the marine corps and now im in to fire fighting and im not sure wich one i should do?

3: how can i prepare for fire fighting?

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Hello, Hunter

If I were you, I would ask myself those questions in reverse.
Preparing for firefighting involves reading, exercise, asking questions from those who are in it. Investigate what is actually involved. Understand the fire service.

Deciding between the Marine corps and FF would mean making a comparison between the two and making your own choice as to which is more appealing to you. You've already started researching firefighting, now add the marines.

Now you should be able to answer your first question. Is it a good career choice? Only you will know that.

Sorry for the quick answers, but that's how it is right now. I'm sure other's can add a lot more to this. I'm just being lazy. At any rate, it seems to me that your thought process is backwards. Flip it around and see where it goes.

good luck.
You can't buy a better job than firefighter. Most paid departments are civil service and most give veterans points so the marines first might be a good idea. To prepare be in the best shape you can and read all you can about the job.

Good luck
I don't know how old you are but I am guessing around 18. Most fire departments accept applications from people when they are 21. The marines would help you through the few years until you reach 21. Most fire departments give you points for military service so you move up on the application list.
The corps is a good line lot of bs but the fireservice is the same way if you can handle that its great.
Fire fighting is a good career because u can help people,and you learn about what it takes to be a fire fighter..Its up to you withch one you have to chose..A way to be prepared is to go to your local fire dept and ask them do you mine if i sit in on yalls tranning and see what its all about to be come a fire fighter...Im really thinking about becoming a fire fighter to...that away you can see what its all about..if you have any more questions put them on here ill try my best to help you..thanks for posting a firefighter with woodsdale vol. fire dept..
Fire fighting is a good career because u can help people,and you learn about what it takes to be a fire fighter

Same can be said for the Marines...only on a grander scale. ( grander a word ?? )
Hi Hunter;

I have been a firefighter for over 40 years and I love it, but not everyone does. You have to have a passion for this job and if you do then it is a great career choice. Only you can decide that for yourself. If you are doing this job to become rich forget it, but if you are doing it because you have a passion to help people you are in the right place. As far as going in the marines that is also a great choice as going into any branch of the service would be. Thank you for considering serving our country! You may be able to do both, contact your marine recruiter and find out if they have firefighters in their branch of the service. I know the airforce has firefighters. As far as preparing for fire fighting just observe and train as often as possible and NEVER stop training no matter how long you are a firefighter. Whatever you decide enjoy your career as a firefighter or a serviceman or both. Stay safe! and Good luck to you!
i understand and thanks, i really like helping people and all i want is enogh to get a house and have a family. now i dont know much about this job your right its not for the money but ive always had a passion for fire fighting but ive also had a passion for the Marine Corps. our fire department is volunteer department we dont do much training and i should get my bunker gear very soon so what could i do at my house with the gear that would be benificial to me?

thanks for your time
you asked the question of what you can do with your bunker gear at your house. My inpout to that would be to get familiar with it. I mean take it all apart, study it....look for any damage, see how it all goes together. Does it have a DRD installed? If so, learn how it's used, take it out and repack it.
Then practice putting your gear on and taking it off..over and over...get it fast and get it complete.
Read what your gear is capable of. Check into it's heat limitations. How to clean it or look after it. What you should and shouldn't do. Even pick the lint and fuzzies out of the velcro. Get to know your gear and how it feels to wear it.
ok thank you for your time
thats a good idea i will umm if i went out an ran a mile in the gear or so would that help at all?

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