Our banquet is to say the least a bit dull. We don't get a lot of people dancing not a whole heck of a lot of drinking (not that you need that to have fun but sometimes it helps.) We put on a slide show, dance, do a center peice game and awards. I have no idea what else we can do to liven it up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Take care and be safe.

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What type of awards does your department give out?? At my Christmas party we had a hypnotist.. it was awesome... she didnt make anyone do anything really bad... but let me tell you it was FUNNY STUFF!!
We just do like most training hours, and service awards. The hypnotist souunds pretty funny. Thanks for the reply!
We have what we call the "Agitator of the Year" award...its actually an agitator out of a washing machine we painted up and give it to whomever we feel deserves it at the time...usually good for a few laughs...then again how about roasting the members of your company....I'm sure there are a few who could do a good job roasting your officers....We are going to have a presentation of film clips from various calls from the past year for all to see....A "few" drinks and a DJ and then you can pull off a "Ladder 49" sing along...My wife thought that was funny as hell and really loosened a lot of people up... Paul
Well, there always are things people do during the year that deserve a "special mention". Not to hurt anyones feelings, but to just have a good laugh bring up a few of those "special mention" moments. For example, one of our trucks was totalled by a falling tree last month and the chief is already planning a "surprise" for the driver. Not to mention the "PPV" award he gave out last year.
It really depends on the attitude of the people attending, some people get very bent out of shape, even if it isn't about them ( "there's no room for this kind of behavior...") but as long as no one gets hurt, a good laugh is good for everyone.
Thanks everybody for the ideas I really appreciate them and hope to use them!
MORE BEER LOL sound to me you need more things to do to get the people up we do every once in a while is hide two tickets under some ones chairs( two sets ) and who evers chair it under they have to slow dance boy do some guys get po o the tickets are for a show /dinner/movie
I think U need to get off ur ass and dance and have a few drinks with your sister-U wouldn't dance much last year-LOL I wish we could find someone to make a dance for us to do - HAHA C U 2morrow night @ training-and I like the idea of a Roast-we could have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun with the Chief
Hi Jenn,
We are lucky in that one of our longtime members has the equipment and does DJ'g for parties, so he can spin the songs. We also do community service awards so we get members of the community, some of which are very colorful and like to talk. When the banquet is just firefighters, your missing a great PR opportunity to invite local elected officials, your county fire coordinator, etc. when you need funding or help cutting through the red tape - they are more likely to lend assistance when you have included them in the fun side of what we do. If you check out my FF Nation page, you will see pics from a bad fire we had on January 10th. The local oil delivery company owner(delivered diesel to our trucks, so we could stay online with out taking trucks out of service to fuel up [on scene for 12 hours]), the Excavator operators etc. are all getting an invite to the banquet.

If your thinking of a hypnotist, we just had a guy out of south glens falls, that did a great job ath the high school where I work ths past friday night - Id be happy to give you his name if your interested.

Another idea is that we have a laptop projecting onto a screen, pics taken from the past year's calls and oops moments ( pre-approved by the member making the oops - so no one feels slighted) . Quite often the firefighters have already seen the pics but their dates/significant others/wives have not. To spice it up you can throw pics in from other depts. or websites that do not correspond with your area just to liven it up. After all a high rise burning in argyle is not really too common, or a firefighter in totally different color and style turnout gear than your dept. uses
Good Luck, Pete

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