Dear FFN,
I wanted to appologise to all of you all out there who have experienced my lack of experience....I just am so passionate about the fire/rescue field, that im having a really hard time waiting for the age of 18....and since we dont officially have a JR dept, I cant respond to emergency calls and stuff..... And it drives me crazy!!!But I am very involved with the dept...I come to drill every week...I never miss a fundraser/ station tour ect...... I am just in love with this stuff....But lately, ive been trying to do stuff that I really have to knowledge in....(such as a portable radio).. I am just eager to learn and would LOVE your all's help !!!!!!! I am ashamed to have earnedthe title of a "whacker" on this web page...I really would like a clean slate with all of you...Please consider....


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I haven't seen any of your past posts, but, just chill. Your time will come. Slow down and listen, listen listen. Learn all you can, but it takes time to become proficient and competent. Ask appropriate questions and you will get appropriate answers. You can't hury experience. Take it easy.
I know I need to...And I do alot already......I even get to ride the trucks on a pretty regular basis.. This can be enough for a few more years
Chill man...we all step on our wee-wee from time to time....You were wrong, you recognized it and you apologized....matter closed...Just learn from it......Take care....Paul
Thanks for your alls exceptance
Learning to acknowledge mistakes is one of the best things you can do. Seems that you've made that step. Now it's time to relax - your turn will come.

Initially your actions have been those of a whacker, literally... you fit the profile of someone who I would be afraid to be on a department with. I understand you are eager, but you need to gain experience by listening to those of us who have been there and are there. I personally don't understand how you are able to own all of the equipment you are attempting to get your hands on, but then again to each his own. Then again you say you are riding out on trucks.... do you wear bunker gear around.... look at how others see you by how you present yourself.... thats just my .2 cents on this, but I think you need to let time take its place and learn as you go, don't jump into the flame and get yourself burned.

FF Schoen
hey man, i think there are alot of us who were in your shoes in our younger days. just keep your head up, dont ever lose the drive you have for the job because youll need it

That takes some courage to do what you did. I am proud of you for stepping up and owning up to it. Like what has already been said, just chill and wait. It will be here soon enough. I was in your shoes once and eventually got put in my place just the same. I learned to respect the older guys and to listen to what they had to say as well. Just keep it up and you will be fine.

Stay safe!!!
Being "eager" and enthusiastic is one thing.
Being obsessive about it is entirely another.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn more about firefighting and becoming the best that you can be, but if you aren't finding other things in Life to balance out your life, then your relationship with fire will become unhealthy.
If you are getting upset NOW and you aren't yet old enough to be active, then I wonder how strong you are emotionally to accept the various phases of your learning process as a new firefighter.
Check yourself.
You may have to tweak a couple of things.
If departments around you start using the "O" word to describe you, you will not get on a department.
I admire those wanting to join the ranks. But it takes the right individual. Find out what that is and go for it.
The best way to stop being a whacker and start being a firefighter is to do three things...

1) Lurk, but don't post anything except questions about things in which you have no experience.
2) Learn patience. This is a complex and dangerous job, and you can't possibly learn or do everything it takes at the same time.
3) Slow down. This job takes a lot out of you over the years. Don't burn out quickly - save something for ten, twenty, or even thirty years down the road.
Jacob it takes balls for coming clean like you did and that I commend you for. Theres a lot of younger kids who'd say screw it I know what I'm doing, but you got your head on straight and will make a great firefighter when the time comes. Just keep learning all that you can so when the day comes your fully ready brother :)
i havent been on here in a wile so i havent seen andy of you posteing but it sounds to me that you relized what the bros ans sis on her where saying and you owned up to it that takes a lot of heart like everone else has told you be pashent you time will come you can never stop learning i have been in the fir 16years so to a lot here i am srill a rookey but i am learning something new with every call and from the vets

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