like the title says i am looking to buy a 1044  defender and need to know if i would be wasting my money or would be making a smart investment I have heard they are crappy and rub/ride on your nose really bad so i am trying to find out the truth such as if i can adjust my shield so it doesnt rub my nose or if they all rub your nose  I actually like the bourkes better then the defender but they are not nfpa can somebody please give me info asap so i don't make a possible mistake?


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 George  I imagine your department supplies helmets and you are not happy with these helmets. Your first step should be to solicite their opinions and  determine department policy as to weather they will allow you to supply your own helmet. Listen to their input and that may influence your decision.You really need to try hands on with different helmets to form your decisiom . Value the information you will get  on here but use your ow\n comfort and trust in the product be your final decision. The final choice is then goimg to be based on the sum of all of these influences.

i appreciate your input but i already know everything you have told me that is why i am here trying to get extra instight about the cairns 1044 to figure out if i buy one that has defender shield or just get bourkes with goggles that way if i need nfpa eye protection for classes or other things i can put goggles back on helmet instead of using the bourkes

 I've had a 1044 for a couple years now, and the times I have used the visor it hasn't rubbed my nose that I notice.


 That said, I tend to use my safety glasses more often than not.

I wear a 1010 with defender shield and am very happy with it. It doesn't rub my nose because it isn't designed to rest there. When mine is fully deployed I have a small gap between it and my nose and cheeks, similiar to wear normal safety glasses. You can raise/lower it to the best position to suit you. The only time it contacts my nose is if the helmet is knocked or moves around on my head a lot, which is not very often. It doesn't suit everyone, but it's worth trying imo.

I use it mostly during overhaul activities when scba is not required, but also during defensive fire operations and when using vehicle rescue tools.


My career FD just purchased me a 1044 with the Defender Shield.  I like it, but the shield does sit tight on my nose.  Also, be carefull lowering the shield as if it moves quickly it can smack you damn hard on the bridge of the nose.  I witnessed an LT on my FD do that and it almost brought tears to his eyes.


My advice?  Put one on, properly adjust the fit to your head and try then Defender Shield and see how YOU like the fit.

the only problem I have had with the defender is that if you wear glasses you cant use the eyeshield other than that I think it is a great system once it is adjusted right


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