Has anyone practiced with or has a training program for Hybrid cars and trucks. We are trying to get info to do a training class but finding that just about every hybrid out there seems to be different.

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i figured this would be easier, if you have some information to share please email me at mgregg@masoncountyoes.com i would like to get some information to do some inservice training at my dept. t

They are different but some basics apply for all....there are 2 power sources...one for normal 12 volt applications and one for the powertrain....the 12 volt system works the same as in any other vehicle and is simple and safe to disable...the Other (usually orange in color) is NOT...STAY AWAY FROM IT and the battery packs....The other thing that is nice to know is you may not even be aware that the engine is on...they are virtually silent when in electric mode....removing the keys may NOT immediately shut the system down as they have capacitors that vary in their discharge times...so care must be used at all times for hybrids...Look at the back of the vehicle...almost all have a small placard stating "hybrid" on them....Stay safe......Paul
if you do a search for manufacturer emergency response training for hybrid vehicles you can find the manufacturers emergency responder guides and they will help you alot with the basics. i found guides from: NISSAN, GENERAL MOTORS, HONDA, TOYOTA ... so on and so forth.
just remember that like you were the bomb squad working on a bomb


that is the power wire from the batterys
i work for a local ford dealer. the hybrid cars we have and the other types are some what similar. the best way to learn those types of vehicles is go talk to the people that work on them. invite some of the technicians from local dealers to a training meeting.

Doug, I am from a fire department here in Michigan and also am having trouble locating powerpoint programs for Hybrids could you send me what you have?



Elba Fire/Rescue

Dan Seames



the main thing that must be done is to apply the park brake as-well then the car wont move


I am a fire fighter in Jhb South Africa and i just finished the light motor rescue course and they gave us guide lines and safety tips on hybrid vehicles 

Also try at: boronextrication.com



I just recently attended a Train the Trainer class called Electric Vehicle Safety for Emergency Responders that was developed by NFPA.  It was an excellent class with lots of good info.  NFPA is rolling out a hand book modelled after the DOT Guide Book on Hybrid and Electric vehicles that will be avalable the end of November.  The training web site is www.evsafetytraining.org.   Subject matter experts can be reached at EVexperts@NFPA.ORG   Hope this helps everybody, any questions contact me at dvoeller@nd.gov

Contact your local dealers...an agency here in NY did that and a local Toyota dealer put on a class for responders....or contact the mfg as every make is a little different....but DON"T CUT ANY ORANGE OR YELLOW CABLES.......they are high voltage lines

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