Hi to everyone out there!!

I hope that i'll get some informations from You!!! I'm writing from Hungary. I'm serving as a professional firefighter (wholetime) for 4 years in Budapest ( capital city of Hungary) and I'm 25. i'm gonna be grateful if you could send me some information about the conditions to become a firefighter for a foreigner in the UK or in the U.S.A. I already known this site www.fireservice.co.uk , http://www.uk-fire.net and a lot of other sites about recruitment. Can you help me to find somebody who is competent in the recruitment and could help me to be a firefighter in the UK or in the U.S.A. I'm trying to find that fire service which would accept me.. then i'll move out from Hungary and i would make an exchange(transfer) program or the full training. I know that UK is possible for me because I'm an EU member but in the States i have to be a US.citizen...If I know it correctly. Sorry if You don't like this new thread.. This is my last chance to find somebody who can help me.

God bless You all and Stay safe brothers!!!

A Firefighter from Hungary

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You might want to look at the US approach a little differently.  In the US the requirements will be different for each of the 50 states.  citizenship might be less important in MANY departments than you think.

Instead of looking at the US in general perhaps identify an area of the US where you'd like to live.  If you like sun, warm weather and the beach you might look at the south eastern coastal states or California, if you're an outdoorsy forest lover then Washington state, Oregon or Colorado might be good for you.  Like the Cold weather, perhaps Wisconsin or even Alaska.  The point is the US is so vast and varied that asking for all of the requirements is a monumental task.  

pick a region, then you can explore the state and local requirements in that area.  

Thanks for your reply!!! I don't care which town I will live. Now I'm living in Hungary. If I can find a department where i can work than i will move. I don't care which part of the States I will live. I want to give my best in my profession. Firefighting is my life, but unfortunatelly our government ..... I hate it... I have to move on. I'm trying to find a department for 1,5 years. 

If you are a Hungarian Citizen then you are also a EU Citizen and entltled to work anywhere in the EU.  Britian is part of the EU so there should be no barrier against you applying for a FF post in any UK Brigade.  The one problem you will encounter is that few if any UK Fire Brigades are recruiting at the moment and many are laying off FFs, but you have every right to apply for a job with them.

Good luck with your efforts.

My best advice to you is to start contact specific departments and ask about their requirements.  As I said it will vary greatly across the states.

Regarding your last statement.  Do you mean that you only want to work for a department for 1 to 5 years?  If so that alone will be the biggest thing that would keep you from getting a job here.  Most career fire departments are looking for someone who is in it for the long haul.  Here in my town the career firefighters probationary period lasts for 18 months so they would never hire someone who was only looking to stay for 1 year and would probably not even consider you if you said you were only looking for 5 years.

Good luck, I hope that where you migrate to you find a better life than what you've got.

I want to work as a firefighter rest of my life. I can't imagine anything else for myself.   That's why I trying to go for sure. I can't afford to go for a recruitment and rent a house , flat during the process . I want to settle down and do what best i can do. FIREFIGHTING!!! I have to go for sure. I have to find a department which can hire me for my experiences. I will do the whole training . But the recruitment is a big risk for me. I hope you can understand me. God bless You and stay safe

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