I was just wondering how many departments had calls related to fireworks.
Whether it was due to fire caused by fireworks, or injuries while using fireworks.
If you didn't have any calls related to firework, I would also like to hear that as well.

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I heard about that as well. Good job everyone involved, including bystanders who helped out. Amazing no one was seriously hurt or even killed after I saw some of the pictures.

No fireworks related calls here, had a rollover mva though and a medical. Neighboring department had a fireworks related call though, some dude was attempting to make some homemade ones in his basement, blew off his hand, caught the house on fire, also structural damage from the explosion.
Just wish to say Thank You, to All who responded to this discussion.
Be well, and stay safe out there. Mick
Mick, Yes you can buy them. From June 30 thru July 6. Then again from Dec 22 (I think) thru Jan 02.
Thanks again for getting back with the info. Very short window to buy,
I bet they sell like HOT CAKES. Be well, and stay safe out there Brother.
Well here in West Texas we only had 1 fire call, but not from fireworks, at 6am sunday morn lighting struck tank batterie with 4 tank swd. Home by 8am just another day at the office. Its been a nice weekend here in good ol west Texas since july 2 till july 6 early morning, in my area we got just shy of 5 in of rain and thunderstorms, man its nice for sum wet weather. I hope everybody had a good safe weekend
Hey Chris, It's good to here from you again, and adding to the discussion.
I happen to see that on the news on TV. Not good, sorry to see something like that
happen. Just goes to show you, even the experts that handle fireworks sometime can
make a mistake. Thanks again, stay safe Brother.
We had a fireworks call but not on the 4th of July... On July 5th, we were called to a commerical vehicle. It was a trailer used for fireworks that was smoldering.
We were lucky. We did not have any calls related to fireworks.

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