The first call I answered in NY was a false alarm. My first call here in SC, I will never forget.
It was a structure fire where we lost a mother, and three children. It was a very difficult time
for the entire fire department. This is not the way anyone should have to answer their first alarm, but it happens. I can only prey that I don't have to come accross another alarm such as that.

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Hey Jake, Thanks again for responding to the discussion.
I'm sorry to hear that you had to deal with that type of call, and
it alway's seem to hurt, thinking that we wish we could have done
more. What's worse, is that you were both nineteen years of age on
that day. Well thank you for sharing that story with us, sometime's it
best to talk about it, it dose help the healing process.
Stay well, and be safe out there Brother.
yes, it took me a while to live that one down as you can imagine. Be safe yourself...thanks for the comment, wasn't sure anyone was listening.
my first call as a probationary as i remember was a big scrubby a pile of old trees cut down from forestry workers in a pile on a paddock, it was wicked it was so amazing watching the colours the heat was really intense,
but my first call after my basic course was a faulse alarm scrubby it was under control i remember 4 wheel driving in a fire appliance around it there was the dirt road and embery piles on both sides, but my first proper call was a mva it was a fatality, i dont really remember alot jus the way the car was and what the patient was wearing, it sort of a bit blurry which in away probably isnt a bad thing
37 years ago I responed to my first call. A night time structure fire, on the corner of 2nd and Orange Streets in Northumberland, Pa. I ended up in the basement. Someone pulled a gentleman out of the house and I can still see the guys working on him.
Hey Sarah, Thanks for responding to the discussion, and for sharing your story
with us. Be well, and stay safe out there Sister.
my 1st call was with life flight...buddy fly along system...3 calls in a row 1st one was self inflicted gun shot wound to the head....basically i had to kick myself in the a** and say..."if this is what you want to do".....i got through it...but has made me 1 hell of a better person because of it..
My first official call was at the age of 14. A vehicle fire on South Main St. in East Hampton, CT. July of 92. The only reason I think I remember this is because I had just became a junior member and bugged my father (who wasn't going to respond) to take the Rescue. Cancelled en route, but it was still a rush.
well it is easy for me to remember my first call in the ambulance service 1 year ago, an ambulance escort for a local fair. i told a lady to move and she responded by saying f--- you no.i said fine we will call the cops and see what they have to say. that shut her up good. my first pt was a cut finger, i had only first aid at the time, and at the first aid station we had 3-4 emts 2 medics 6-7 explorers and everyone was busy with my pt more cuts and scrapes and a bike accident. the pt was a friend of my partner. as with fire my first call was at the beginning of the month a diff breather. teen female we got there, it was at a fair that the dept was at we heard the girl screaming and swearing at her mother. we had at least 13 guys surrounding the pt. my second call, diff breather, i ran with a bls/o2 bag in the dark throught the same park crowded 200 feet from fireworks going off with stupid smart alack teens couldnot find the call until a little girl came up to me. while this was going on my turnout gear is in the vehicle going to the same call. my first calls were unbelieveable
Hey John, Thanks for responding to the discussion, and for sharing your story
with us. I wish you well, and hope you have many more years to come. Stay safe
out there Brother.
Hey SaRa *AkA* BoOtS, Thank you for responding to the discussion, and for
sharing your story with us. I'm glad to hear that all has worked out for you in
the long run. Be well, and stay safe out there Brother.
my first call was when i just got out of the military was home for 2 days whistle blew said yea i'm going to go turned outto be a structure fire and when we got there a crazy man was telling us to get away it was a controlled burn as his house was blowing flames out the windows then he attacked my chief with a hydrant wrench and my military training as a Security Forces kicked in and i took him down and laid on hm till the troopers got there didn't even get to fight the fire lol.

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