If offered a position on a on-call dept. how far would you move? I've been told not to chase a job that it will come to you, but the dept i'm looking at is amazing. great brotherhood(and sister) for me its not about the money or "toys". I have been to this dept several times over the past month and they made me feel like i was a member even just as a visitor. From Cheif 1 to the "newest" FF they are a great Dept.

This is more of a conversation thread because i've made my choice but i am curious what the community would do.

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As usual, I agree with you Don.  I guess I brought up the pay thing because it seems that some in the fire service believe that someone who did not make a career of the job could not possibly have the level of dedication needed to do the job well.  I agree that being a professional has nothing to do with getting paid or not.  I consider myself a professional as well.  I am sick to death with the attitude that we are "only volunteers".  However it is really sad that alot of the time you will hear "we are only volunteers" from the volunteers themselves.  Usually when it comes time to train or check the trucks, or clean the station, or............


You are 1 BILLION % correct with that.  The I am as good as they are attitude usually comes from those that don't come close.  Give me a firefighter, paid or volly, that works to master the craft of firefighting, who is always learning, reading the periodicals, scanning the internet, training, sharing what they know with others, cleaning tools, trucks, equipment, and their personal gear and I will show you a professional...That is measured by atttude, desire, drive, initiative, and finely honed skills.  NOT by a paycheck.  Show me what you can do, don't tell me BS and expect me to believe the smell is fresh flowers!!

I see I struck a nerve. 

If someone makes the effort to be a trained firefighter then that's fine.  My comment however, regarding hobbyist, is a result of too long in FFN reading comments about lights, helmets, too much already on vollies, too much training already (or the more exciting, train once a month).

Yes, I've read a LOT of comments from people who think that FFI/FFII is TOO much on already weighed down vollies who have JOBS, families and other responsibilities.  If you're not one of those complaining about how tough it is to be a fireman then you have my apologies, by which I mean, training, training, training, background checks, physical fitness requirements, physicals and ongoing training.

If, on the other hand, once a month is too much (or enough), if your focus is what kind and how many lights on your POV, if pictures of POV lights, helmet colors and what color an engine should be (why, red of course, all others are wannabes) then you are who I'm talking about.

To move elsewhere because the department is cool, has more calls or because they treat you nicely seems, at best shallow.  And I don't believe that being a fireman is a calling; that suggests some higher power or intervention.  I don't agree with the 'fireman who is a farmer' thinking.  Fireman are not gods, not divine or divinely inspired.  We do this job for a lot of different reasons but mostly it's because it feeds us something we're looking for, and that's fine.  But when you chase a none-paying *job*, willing to move just to do it then I have to wonder where you're coming from.

I have nothing against vollies, or paid, combination or two-hatters, it's just the sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, we-do-it-for-free mentality that suggests it's the high ground and paid firefighters are somehow less, or lower (mercenaries).  And that we-do-the-same-job crap is just that, crap.  Work a tour, train during your tour, meet the same requirements (all of them) and lose the option of NOT responding because...too tired, family requirements, other obligations and then maybe, you're equal.  Otherwise, you're a volunteer firefighter, backbone of the fire service and the foundation on which the fire service has been built, but you're still a vollie.  No shame, just stop being so insecure about it. 

Wow, you got all of that from the conversation?

I hate to say bad things about a brother/sister but jack you are a disgrace to the fire service with an attitude like this. No one here is insecure about being a volunteer FF. You are not better than any other brother or sister, infact your thoughts and actions towards POC/Volunteer are one of the biggest issues that is wrong with the mentality within the fire service.


You really need to take some time and relax.

First of all, I would rather talk to a wacker volly that loves the fire service than some of the paid guys I know that hate everything about the job except the pay, benefits and time off.

Secondly, there are douche hats on both sides of the aisle.  Pay status has no bearing whatsoever.

Thirdly, I can name dozens of vollies in my area with more time spent training and getting certs, than a ton of career guys I know, including some I work with.  Being a career firefighter does NOT automatically make you a better firefighter.

Fourthly, I don't give 2 shits one way or another is Kyle wants to move to a different town to be a POC FF, I expressed my questions, and my answers without attacking his decision.  Frankly, if it is what he wants, it makes him happy, and once there he has a way to support himself, why the Hell are you getting your panties in a wad over it?

Fifthly, I believe there are 2 kinds of people that are paid firefighters.  The type that loves the job and may see it as a calling, and the kind that des it for a steady job, with good pay and benefits and a ton of time off.  I also believe there are 2 kinds of people that volunteer.  The type that loves firefighting and may see it as a calling, and those that do it for the t-shirt, the "look at me" aspect, the paper hero.

Sixthly, the sanctimonious, holier than thou attitude has fans on both sides of the aisle.  The vollies that think they are God's chosen ones because they do it for free, and the career guys that believe anyone not doing it as a career are low life scum, that are scabbing away jobs.


This topc got WAY off track.  Kyle should do whatever he wants in regards to this whether anyone here approves or not.  It is that simple.  Good Luck Kyle.

Yes, I am kinda excited for you Kyle!  GOOD LUCK

my name is Jim Conrad and I approve this message

Jim and Don thank you for your support

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