If offered a position on a on-call dept. how far would you move? I've been told not to chase a job that it will come to you, but the dept i'm looking at is amazing. great brotherhood(and sister) for me its not about the money or "toys". I have been to this dept several times over the past month and they made me feel like i was a member even just as a visitor. From Cheif 1 to the "newest" FF they are a great Dept.

This is more of a conversation thread because i've made my choice but i am curious what the community would do.

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Paid on Call?  Surely you are not expecting this to be your "JOB?"   Paid on call is just that, you don't get paid unless there is an emergency incident. 

NO i understand that. I was just curious how far people would move for an on call position with a department.  

Not an inch if it affected my full time employment.


Not an inch if it affected any other part of my existence either.

Wishing you the best with your move. (just guessing)


I am just curious, how will you support yourself if you move to this town where this great POC FD is? 

I would have to give this some very long and very serious thought. 

I have a standing job offer to be a cook at a restaurant.

So, all kidding aside, you are looking to relocate to become a member of a paid on call fire department and making a job change in order to join this department? 

Honestly, I didn't move to become a member of the career FD I am on.  I drive 100 miles one way to work.


To each his own I guess.  Good luck. 

So basically, how far would one go, and what would one give up, for a hobby?

Given the context of the question, it does boil down to a personal decision. I personally agree with the bulk of the responses, there is no reason to relocate just for a POC dept.


It is nderstandable the decision has been made and perhaps the discussion posted to solicit some activity here, but IMO, it boils down to personal choice. If one was already looking to relocate and had a means to income (job) lined up etc, go for it. If one was looking at schooling and relocating to be an intern type of position etc or to gain experience to help chances at a FT employment, go for it. In either case the overall goal is sought and it comes down to preference.


If, however, the question is about relocating just to be part of a different dept, for no better reason than "just because of how you were treated while visiting" I would say no....I wouldn't move an inch. I have learned that the grass is never greener on the oher side, there are pros and cons to any decision and what matters is the end choice. I just do not see relocating based off a POC as my reason to move. That is my personal opinion.


The other possibility I could see is the amount of travel to to be part of such a dept. This may not entail relocating, but travelling to be a member of the dept. This would entail a lot of a time committment from travel for training, meetings, standbys and so forth. You may have to do shifts or whatever, but either way, it is personal choice.


Personally, don't worry about the details or as to how anyone else would answer the question, because what does it matter? Take Don for example, the guy makes no bones about his involvement with multiple POC depts, as well as being an instructor and a FT FF. It is his personal decision, it really isn't anyone's else place to judge. From my standpoint, I thought I would be a guy to still volunteer with my old dept once I got hired full time, but my choices took a different route. In the realm of firefighting, my FT gig is it, but I have become more involved within the dept and even moreso on the union end of things. It is all about personal choices.

No Jack, to call it a hobby is insulting and derogatory.  Volunteer/Paid On Call firefighters that are doing the job right everyday are every bit as much firefighters as someone getting paid full time to do it.

I find things like calling it a hobby every bit as confrontational as vollies calling career firefighters mercenaries because we get paid. 


You're right, calling it a hobby is insulting and derogatory.  You have a paid gig and share your expertise with two other departments, which is great.  But you haven't picked up and moved, leaving one place for another just to do that.  You work within your area sharing what you know.

But to pick up and move just to be in another department, yeah not so much a hobby, more like being a groupie.

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