On our city days we have water fights, We string a keg in the air on a pully and push it against other fire depts. with a 2 1/2... It's a hoot and we have at least 20 depts that come an the crowd loves it, three man teams it takes all day and heck ya get wet and they people really see what ya can do ...

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Tony here are a few ways we do it....in the summer we do AUCE breakfast once a month,we do .31 scoop night at our local dunkin dougnuts,and we do different bingos like vera bradley,longgaburger basket(I know I suck at spelling)and teen dances best of luch to you
We are from a small area and do multiple things to raise money for the department. We have monthly breakfasts in the community. We also serve food at the local fairs and festivals and host our own labor day. Our Ladies Auxiallary host bi-weekly fish fries. This helps pay for our trucks, gear, training, and ect. since we don't have significant funding coming into the community.
I forgot to tell you we recently did discount cards and what it is ..is local business agree to give discounts to anyone who buys the card for example 10%off mcdonalds and arbys and local carwash we sold them for 10.00 and didnt do to bad we also do texas holdum and countrey line dance lessons. AUCE chicken n dumpling dinners...best of luck
Fish fry, bbq, boot drive or just have a open house with all this and a dunking booth..
We have a coke machine!! I know it sounds crazy, but we are in a really small town and it brings in a pretty decent amount of money.

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