Juniors, how do you handle the bad things you see out there?
Whether it is on MVA's or the fire ground.
Being younger, as we are, I guess we process things differently and may be more vulnerable to that type of thing.. Me, i usually dont think about it, until after the call, when we're all sitting in the lounge, it hits you, that , what you just saw, is real, and it was a real person..
Some of the stuff ive seen, still sticks with me today.

How do you deal with it?

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its always going to be there like every other memory of your life...just depends on how you use it.
Review the call and make improvments to your overall game plan for the next extrication. Always remember you didn't put them in that situation but ya got be professional and do your job to get them out of the mess they're in. If it bothers ya to much than go talk to the critical incident stress team, every dept has access to them...so use them and don't try to drink it away or think your to much of a man to discuss it cause it will come back to haunt you and some point
There are people who can handle it and other people who can't. I remember an accident about a year ago and I found out is was one of my friends. It took it hard but not as hard as others. I got over it. The about a month later we had another fatal accident. Didnt take it as hard because i didnt know them. Some of the firefighters took classes to get over the picture of the charde bodies.
I watched a man fall 40ft to his death while working on a roof. we got to the scene and he was hanging on the side of the building. Worse thing i have ever seen.

I guess i deal with it by knowing that we do everything to save all lives
As a young firefighter going out on the calls and feeling someones pain and grief first hand, i can only say that it will stick with you and the best way to keep your body and mind in top condition is by getting back on the apparatus and doing your job. Back at the station working out, eating healthy good meals and getting plenty of rest is the best way to combat the horrific things we see and feel on the calls. Venting to someone you can trust, weather its the chaplin or a fellow firefighter/emt/ medic is a good way to debrief yourself. stay safe and good luck
just think of something else that you reaily love it works for me
cool thinken dude

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