Juniors, how do you handle the bad things you see out there?
Whether it is on MVA's or the fire ground.
Being younger, as we are, I guess we process things differently and may be more vulnerable to that type of thing.. Me, i usually dont think about it, until after the call, when we're all sitting in the lounge, it hits you, that , what you just saw, is real, and it was a real person..
Some of the stuff ive seen, still sticks with me today.

How do you deal with it?

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how old r u...
Sometimes there are things that no one should see,inculding adults..When we decide we are going to get into this business what alot of people forget is that we are still human,and well things are tough out there... So talk to your peers and tell them how you feel and what bothers you and what does not.. That is what those guys are there for. Never let things build up when they do there has to be a valve to release and you want to make sure you don't build up the pressure.. That is when you talk to your peers...... I have done this for a long time and still I sit in the lounge and go Oh crap that was a person..... So it's not just age
He is only 15 years old Anne, he shouldn't be doing anything other then
helping out around the fire house, learning the different types of tools, and
what they are used for. He shouldn't be going on calls at that age.
I am not a junior member but i can tell you ive been there, everyone has. My first bad call is still in my head. And it will probably be there the rest of my life. Talking about it is a good way to get it out. But Everyone has different ways to deal with it. Talk with some older members, they can help you out because they have been in your shoes. The calls envolving kids will really get to alot of people, even if it is your 15th year in the service. Just remember that you are there to try to help and do the best that you can. Some calls still get to you and there is nothing that you can do about that. However I know that all the guys on the dept. will be there to help me through it.
well we have had bad calls when i was awas a junior firefighter in my department juniors ages are 14 and 15 and full member status is at 16 but to be a full member u need to apply for it. i remember was had this bad mva on the bottom of a steep hill with a 4-way intersection at the bottom and i remember hearing and and my a my stepdad who was the captian responded it was 1 month after i applid for full membership and i stayed becuase the ems squad captian arrived and confermed a class 17 and i just sat at the firehouse with a few other members and we waited until the called for the brush truck for traffic contral about 1 mile from the scene we responded with 5 and spent hours there about 6 hours in all and i remember they pulled 2 of us to go buy drinking water and grab cooler to put it in becuase it was like 90 outside and i got dropped back off at the road barrier where the brush truck was and my friend went down there and he paused and starred when he saw the body. it never bothered him at all
well buddy if u have 3 people show up for a gas leak in a parking lot i would prolly take the little explorers as additional manpower just as long as they stay near trained personal. not to mention i was the firehouse suckass and a firehouse brat so i was somewhat qualliffied for things like that
You do what has to be done....it sounds simple but if you rely on your training and do what you are supposed to then you really don't have time to "think" about it....it is after the call where it all starts to sink in....that's where talking it out with others on the call can help.....the biggest mistake is to try and play macho and hold it all in....Stay safe keep the faith.......Paul
i grew up around all that stuff, i think it has just kinda made me adapt and almost in a way know what i should expect when we get that type of call. the thing is you just can't let it get to you expecially thinking things like it coulda been me of she looked like my best friend or anything like that. thta is the worst thing you can do that stuff will mess you up faster thatn anything else, ive seen it with people---its hard no matter what you do we are all human and to some extent he all have thoughts and feelings. talking to the guys and sharing thoughts and stories is a good idea sometimes because you can let go of some of that stuff, but no matter who you are, how old you are, male, female, or what experiance you have, the things you see will probably always be with you. you just have to do your best to store the stuff that you can't let out in that file in the back of your head and not think about it and dwell on it. some people can handle more tha others and sometimes you have to know your limits it won't make you less of a man(or woman) if you get to the scene and you have to just walk away and don't feel comfortable right in the thick of things. its is better off for you and the other guys responding so you don't have a breakdown or get over stressed or anything like that.
just find a way to laugh about something, or get it off your shoulders, and worry about the next one. My most recent full code, we pronounced a early 30's year old lady dead at the scene, and we had to notify the family. Well, one of the family members went bezerk and starting punching and denting up her car. Very sad, I know, but that is how we were able to laugh it off and get it off our shoulders.
i disagree with this. I think we should respond as much as possible. I feel it prepares us for what we may come across in the future. We're allowed to respond to everything but haz-mat, and we can do everything a FF1 can do except enter or vent a burning building.
Brandon, it all depends on if you know the person or not. Where i live everyone knows everyone so it is really hard sometimes. I just think of it as i just learned not to do something so that someday i dont make the same mistake as those people do. Yes it does stick in your head forever but like i just stated it helps you remember not to do stupid things and you wont be like that person.
an incredible, very well written post.
thank you.
personally ive been responding to MVA with DOA since i was 16, my first car MVA was a DOA and my first motorcycle MVA was a DOA both was while i was a JR Fire Fighter it depends on the person and the situation that surounds it

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