Most people, when asked this question, will normally think about how much weight they can lift or if the are overweight or not.  I argue that being "firefighter fit (fire rescue fit) is much more than that.  You may be able to lift heavy weights but that doesn't necessarily mean that you are that strong.  When talking about Firefighter fitness you are only as strong as your "weakest" part.  You see true strength comes in the form of functional fitness, fitness that can be applied and used in fireground situations, not just in a gym.

We all know that firefighting is a physical job, we need to be strong, have good muscular endurance, great core and grip strength and must be able to recover quickly.  The challenge that we (as fire rescue athletes) face is trying to identify how to functionally test fire rescue athletes?  There are so many components of the body that must work efficiently in order to do the everyday tasks of the Fire Rescue Athlete.  How do you define firefighter fit?  What tests do you think are good measures for our job?

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Question for you Brother. How do define fire fighters not being fit? I agree with your statement above be the real answer or question is why are they not fit. Poor sleeping habits, poor eating, lack of equipment to workout, poor management from the officers, peer pressure, and last be not least I Quote" I Have Been Doing This Way Before You Where Born Son". JKJ

Stress test would be the first one. Make sure the old ticker is ticking like it should. Secondly I would say is the Firefighter able to climb steps for 3 minutes at a medium pace, Thirdly is the Firefighter able to lift 150lbs, Is the firefighter claustrophobic, Afraid of heights? Just a few things that In my opinion would be considered Firefighter fit

i went through medical exams every year, worked out and watched what i ate and i still had a heart problem end ny carrear followed 10 years later by kidney failure so my answer woulld be continious medical evaluation and (good luck with this one) good eating habits because sometimes "we" would fall off the good eating wagon espically on weekends and holidays

good post and good responses by all

Choice - Seven Simple Habits To Lengthen Life By 10 Years and Be the "Fit" Firefighter...

3 meals a day
eat breakfast every day
avoid snacks
moderate exercise 2-3 times a week
7-8 hours of sleep every night
no smoking
moderate weight
little or no alcohol
someone 50 years of age is as healthy as someone 25 who only follows one or two of the habits
Side Note: I was tested every year (28 years) a little more intensely than regular firefighters because of my involvement with the hazmat team. Never showed any signs of heart disease or compromise and was able to pass firefighter FIT testing to maintain an "arduous" rating. I had a massive coronary last December... Go figure. You never know.

I completely agree with this post and must say that firefighters are really very strong and fit as they rescues life of many people by putting their life in danger. Like confined space rescue service, firefighters also provides rescue services and are thus considered as strong people according to me.

Hello John, I agree with your statement.  Some traditions are meant to be changed, the attitude toward fitness and nutrition around the firehouse needs to be improved in order for positive change to take place.  I think the best way to approach the "I've always done it this way" attitude is to lead by example and slowly try to change misconceptions and attitudes.  Lead on!

Great response Rural.  I think the CPAT is a good test, and agree we as firefighters are the ultimate occupational athletes.  Since we are athletes we all need to take that approach to the gym and in the kitchen.

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