the fire board vote was yesterday (wed the 8th) on my employment with the department. and I was voted on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best day ever. now comes the paper work and what not, oh and the coolest freaking job in the world. im so excited. just thought i would share

stay safe

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See I knew the board would be impressed when you brought in your Star Wars collection to show them, you did take my advice and do that right? CONGRATULATIONS!
Hey Jake, Way to go brother, Congratulations
thank you very much everyone. AND yes DUST i did bring it in, and they were very impressed with my collection especially when i showed them my very rare 1980's wookie with the ammo belt (only 200 made) except for one guy he was a trekkie but i won him over with my star trek communicator. thanks for the advice Dust it saved my butt :)
No problem, that's the brotherhood! (makes Wookie sound)
And now for a not fire related true story....

A friend of mine was in a long line for a concert and there was a bouncer out front making everyone empty their pockets. My friend is a big, intimidating guy to most people.... Well earlier in the day he found a star wars action figure laying on the road and stuck it in his pocket and forgot about it. So finally he gets to the front and starts pulling stuff out for the bouncer and bam here comes the the doll. So the bouncer holds it up in the air and announces loudly to the line, "Hey everybody let's see what mr. tough guy has in his pocket...Oh it's a star wars action figure!" People in line started laughing and my friend was so embarassed!
Holy freaken fantastic Jake... Good to hear
congrats.. stay safe..good luck..
Congrat's, Prayers and the best of luck for you! more power!!!
Congratulations man! Welcome aboard Brother! Remember to stay safe out there.
congrats :)
stay safe,

Jessi <3
Congrats! Mazel Tov!
Stay safe!!

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