After reading the latest on ESPN that A-Rod admitted to "performance enhancement drugs" (to us laymen's Steroids and or Human Growth Hormones) (plus Bonds, Clemens, Pettite and a variety of other star names) I am deeply troubled. I look at the youth of today who look up to these athletes and see them interpreting the information the wrong way.

Kids see celebrity Athletes making a TON of money playing a game and then the coorelation of HGH and Steroid use making them who they are.

The kids see The HGH and Steroids as the SOLUTION rather than being a problem. This causes a large problem because now we have youths who are more likely to try these dangerous drugs to enhance their opportunities in sports.

Charles Barkley once had a phenominal quote. When asked what he thought about being the role model for so many kids, he replied "I'm not a role model. Parents are role models." I wish kids could see this. We as parents can only lead by example and try to teach our kids the right paths to take. I feel it should be up to some of these athletes who abused steroids and HGH (which in this country is ILLEGAL) to not only sponsor a program of education for children but to help FUND it as well. Their obligation should be to the children whose lives they infleunce and not just to "their performance."

I know this isn't fire related but these issues annoy me. My son (although a DIEHARD Red Sox fan) is 7 years old and he likes A-Rod for his ability to hit the ball and play good defense. (he gets that from me) It's sad when he asks me as a parent to describe what steroids are and what is so bad about them. I'm looking for opinion on the matter and not to get into a "team rivalry" discussion. All teams in baseball had contributors to the Steroid/HGH issues and in a matter of time we will know about them all.

I don't want this topic to get malicious so please keep it to serious commentary only.

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What kills me is MLB and the players union knew it, yet did nothing. Personally, I used to love Major League Baseball, but I can't stand it any longer, simply because of the way the league is run. It's a travesty.
This is an issue that is happening more and more. I would love to know what is going to happen to A-Rod. He is no better then the rest of them for using that stuff. These are drugs that can damage your body and these athletes are taking them for what? to be the best? Well you can't be the best if you end up dead. These athletes are sending the wrong message to the kids.

It is so disturbing cause these athletes are also telling kids "don't do drugs" and that they don't and they wouldn't. How can you tell these kids these things and then it is all over the news the sports page of the papers and the sports magazines. These kids read these things when they are into the sports. Then the kids are asking us to explain. Any athlete that is caught using steroids or any other enhancement drugs should be either suspended with a huge fine and have to go and tell their fans that are kids what they did and why it was wrong. Let them look into the eyes of these kids and see their disappointment on their faces. Maybe that would work and then if that doesn't and they continue then kick them out, fire them and let them loose all the endorsements that they get. Maybe that would work.

Really nice post Engine913
I agree with all, but one thing that still haunts me is Pete Rose, gambled and lost his career but yet these baseballs stars did drugs(maybe not drugs) but sorta and they still play ball, I am lost if kids see this and hear this they will do the same. If do something that is not legal or doctor approved and baseball, hockey, basketball, football approved you are done for ever, no second chance.
Unfortunately the baseball union is one of the strongest unions in the world. (if not the strongest) Due to the lack of terminology clearly defining that "illegal use of HGH and steroids is against the rules of MLB," the only chance at any dicipline was through Perjury in the US Congressional hearings.

I LOVED Pete Rose. I loved his playing style. Unfortunately for him, the rules of MLB clearly defined that gambling on baseball while being involved in baseball wouldn't be tolerated. (and they made him an example)

Looking from the outside we all see that the drug use and abuse is a problem and is MUCH worse than gambling, but violating rules is still violating rules.

What I don't understand is if you or I got caught taking Steroids illegally, where would we be? The answer is PRISON! Without a prescription for steroids for a MEDICAL reason, it is ILLEGAL and punishable as either a misdemeanor (small quantity) or Felony (large quantity) with also the issue of Trafficing and intent to deliver.

The buck needs to stop here. ANYONE from THIS point forward in MLB that abuses steroids or HGH should be BANNED from the game.
I agree with you and look at the Olympic athletes that get caught, they have to give back their medals and they are banned from that sport and if I remember correctly Joinner who was caught served jail time. Why can't the MLB be held to the same standard...
And arrested : )
speaking of Mr. Phelps?
Yes, even the almighty Phelps.
There you go. He was stupid in what he did and he is being punished for it...
Maybe he pulled a Clinton line. "I didn't inhale"
Though technically I think what Phelps did was just a misdemeanor, and only would get a fine if prosecuted.
More like a Cheech and Chong, I'm sure he inhaled.

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