Ahhh, had a tasty Guinness, got college hockey semis on TV (although my Irish didn't fare too well), some pita chips and hummus, and I glance at the ol' laptop to see how my latest post is doing over at FirehouseZen.com.  Then I see, what? A lights on my POV post.  Hmmmm.

Come check out my post Shut Up, over at FHZ.  Then think about what you are about to say and if you are right, let 'er rip.  If you are just adding fuel to the fire, save it and pray for the ignorant, for they do not know.

There are those who say they do, and there are those who play, and then there are those who play in the big leagues. Educate, don't belittle.  Be professional and stand above the fray.  

Stay safe.

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Thank you, Chief. Well stated.
No, Tyler, you are right. (Seriously. I'm not messing with you.)

I certainly don't want this site to be oversensitive or uptight. I agree with passion. And I think we could all stand to laugh more and I think we can pick at each other with the best of them. I do, however have a problem with anonymous bullies and trolls on other sites, which was the main point of my article. But the whole idea of discussing POV lights AGAIN is pretty disappointing to me, seeing as I really want to think more of the people I interact with on here.

And this isn't a rant, although I do in fact see my share of people cutting people down and demeaning others, as well as those who speak and have no idea what they are talking about. But I am a big boy and if I see bullying, I like to step in and stop it, and things do have a way of sorting themselves out on here.

The most disappointing issue though, among much else going on in our world, we have BIG issues going on in the fire service, the biggest being that whatever big issues we would like to tackle, we can't. We can't because we are disjointed, belligerent, and busy going after each others throats on some of the most amazing and petty subjects. What's even more amazing is that real, educated issues that deserve real passion get buried by posts like "What Lights Do You Have on Your POV".

But that's why I have my own blog at Firehouse Zen and those who like to understand the bigger issues can come there and when they are done reflecting over those issues, they can come back over and join in on the word replacement games.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with whatever it is that people want to do, so long as they consider that there are real people on the other end of that World Wide Web and take that into consideration when they say their piece. And as far as POV lighting, color of helmets, and the rest of the mundane, I leave that to those who wish to discuss those things. I will, however, state that I wish there were more who wanted to discuss substantial issues: like potential funding sources for departments, or how to deal with change, or innovations in firefighting technology.

Thanks for commenting.

See, that's the problem; you have to go elsewhere to read/get/understand the bigger issues because anytime any decent post started in here is quickly buried because the only thing that many in here CAN respond to are the games. Everything else is beyond their ability. (And THAT is why you will see some people quickly (and sometimes harshly) have their ass handed to them for posting yet another craplog (and those damn zombie posts that never die).

Time was, the WC used to move, close or delete discussions that were redundant, superfluous or inflammatory. I think now so long as the viewer rates and membership #'s are up then it's considered to be all good.

So in the end, who really is a fault here; A-holes (so I've been told) like me that bitch about the nonsense, juniors who just don't get it, wannabes who can only play games, folks like you, CBz, Chris Naum and others who try to raise the bar or; is it FFN and the WebChief, who direct, tweak, and develop to attract more, varied -and younger- members where the goal appears to be a catch-all place where everyone can find something to amuse themself with?

On a brighter note, there will -as a result- always be a bright place on the web for blogs like yours, statter911 and so many others.
Here is the thing your comments should mean something, this is suppose to be a learning atmosphere and I think sometimes people forget that. I understand some of the guys are getting pissed about some of the posts, but I think they are upset because some not all will read and post stuff in a word association game but they won't talk about training stuff. I'll use a post I made about the Japanese flashover video. The video had tons of views but when I made the post to discuss there was like 8 people who wrote something. Now you look at the word association it has 22000 + posts. Tyler you wrote people don't care about what you write because you are young and and they tear it apart I have to say they shouldn't tear it apart and if it is wrong they should educate not teaaptly apart on why it is. And maybe you do it differently and it isn't wrong. Nobody will ever know everything there is in the fire service, things are always changing and that is why we all need to keep up on training. The fire service is always evolving. One thing you need to remember is it is sometimes hard to tell if he person is trying to educate you vs. Being a dick. Writing vs talking, writing you can only see what has been wrote and take it how you will (sometimes you know they are just trying to be a dick) vs talking you can tell by how the person talks and their tone most of the time. There is nothing wrong with word association game or whatever but the people who only do that don't understand what this site was truely made for, or they are a firefighter because they want to tell people that and when shit is hitting the fan they don't have a clue what to because they don't train or whatever. Remember you do count as much as the next person!

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