Our chaplin has passed away and i'm currently trying to find an approiate prayer for her service. The challenge is that she never fought fire however she was very active in the dept. with fundraising and fulfilling her chaplin duties. Her service is tomorrow night the 4th of Feburary. Can anybody please help me find an approiate prayer or poem? i would appreciate it very much.

Thank You

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Thanks. Her husband gave our chief the prayer she always read whenever she did a service for us to read tonight for her. We are also reading the poem Called The Legacy Of Love because she was like a grandmom to everybody at my station. Everybody called her Gram. Thanks once again
the best prayer will be given from your heart! you'll find what your looking for
Thanks. Her husband gave our chief the poem/ prayer that she always used so we can read for tonight. We are also reading The Legacy Of Poem because she was like a grandmom to everybody at me station. Everybody always called her Gram.
Gina-this is on www.firechaplains.org

Sorry to hear of the loss, her family and dept. will be in our prayers.

When I receive my final call
That great summons from on high
The alarm that comes to one and all
From the Lord of earth and sky.

Would you respond as I have done
To neighbors along the way?
Comfort my firefighters as I have done
Please find some kind words to say.

Give my boots, coat, helmet, Bible and gloves
To a fine young Chaplain with pride.
Help them stand tall with those they love
And my spirit by their side.

Maybe I'm just reminiscing
As I try to look ahead
Where fire alarms will never ring
This is true so Jesus said.

May God sustain and strengthen all,
My family and friends so dear
When I respond to my last call
And my Jesus says: "come up here".
Thank you very much.Her husband gave or chief the prayer that she always read when she gave a service for us to read for her tonight. But we going to save this prayer for future use. Once again Thanks.
There is a song that I feel is very appropriate for a memorial...it is "Fireman's Prayer" by a group called Plain Folk...if you search it I am sure that you can find it....If not send me your e-mail or snail mail and I will get a copy out to you.....I played it for some of the people in my Firefighter II class and you could have heard a pin drop.....sorry about your loss....good people are hard to say good-bye to....I am sure that She is at God's right hand side as are all our other Brothers and Sisters that have gone before us...they deserve nothing less.......Paul
Thank you very much.Her husband gave our chief the prayer that she always read when she gave a service for us to read for her. The service was very hard on my station and the funeral is tomrrow. i know its going to be hard on my station. I will try and download that song. If i cant get it i will send u a message. It was very frustrating trying 2 find her a poem or prayer because we wanted the best for her but it was more challenge because she never put fire out. She was involved in other ways.
Gina...don't get hung up on the "putting out a fire" thing...A Department has many, many things to be dome other than putting the wet stuff on the red stuff....She was one of us....enough said...Paul
Once Again Thanks To Everybody Who Gave Me Advice But I'm Going to CloseThis Form Due The Services Have Completed. Thanks And Be Careful.


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