I(as a new firefighter) was just wondering about the common misconceptions and most commonly made mistakes in the firefighting field............I'm open for anyones opinion......and welcome all possible comments regarding this topic......................>Cheers<*>Jen<

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the fact that I wish to learn more should get me the respect that you would give anyother fellow firefighter

I have to agree with you art and DT and respect is not something that you are given because you want to learn more, respect is earned
Respect is one of those things that many of them will not work to gain. Like most, they will want it given to them.
Not all, but many.
I met a young man at FDIC that literally blew me away with his commitment and passion. He talked of what the service meant to him and he spoke to his personal involvement with like New Orleans for example. He's 22.
And he will be a leader in this fire service. I know he will, because his heart is in the right place, he is doing it for the right reasons and he will have people wanting to follow him.
We need many more like him to have any chance in the years ahead.
I agree with you completely.... i'm 24 and grew up around the fire service i dont want to be givin a job just because my dad is on or because of who my family is. I want to earn respect and earn that full time job somewhere.. And one day that promotion because i earned it and earned the respect to have that postion. Like you said there are not enough young firefighters that want to earn anything let alone respect
From a girl, who's been in your position, sometimes one of the biggest things you will learn is that you have to have thick skin. Some guys try to pick on women because they like to see if they can get a reaction, you just have to roll with the punches and work your butt off to earn respect. Some guys have no problems working with females, when you can hold your own, but there will always be a few who might treat you different. As for those who have talked about your photo, I think it's up to you. There is no law that says female firefighters can't be nice looking, but if you want respect, I agree they shouldn't dress in short-shorts, but there is nothing wrong with your photo. It's stupid that a woman has to worry about what pic she posts, but a guy could put up whatever pic he wants and no one would say a thing. It's about how you are as a firefighter, how you do your job and how you carry your own weight. Most common misconceptions, there are a lot. Here are a few I have learned:

1. Don't believe that it can't or won't happen to you. It can and will.
2. Don't take for granted the training and knowledge you receive, it can save your life or someone else's life.
3. Just when you think you know everything, thats when a call will happen that proves otherwise and it will knock you down.
4. When firefighting gets to be nothing more than a JOB to you, it's time to find something new.
5. Train, train, train. Even if you've been on the fire department for 20 years, times are always changin'. You will never know everything there is to know, if you don't train you won't learn.
6. Looks say nothing about a firefighter. The smallest, youngest, newest may be the one to save your a** some day.
DT: so, basically we agree.
Exactly what is that?
Jeez; poke with a stick.
I have had my fair share of naysayers.
It's just that they haven't awakened from their naps yet.
When I think of all of the fire service legends that I have had the privilege to meet and read about, I can't help but think that they will be gone AND forgotten, because no one will be reading anything but their phone and computers in another few, short years.
As I read Lasky's book on Pride and Ownership, I felt like it was a melancholy journey, reminding guys like me why we love this firefighting stuff so much. I am sure that Rick wrote it in the hopes of capturing new ones and I hope he did, because he "gets it".
I look every day for a reason to pat the young ones on the back, because I think it's important for ANYONE to know that they have done a good job, but when you get "it don't mean nothin'," back in return, it kinda pisses on the motivation. Newbies are very suspicious of random acts of kindness.
Anyway, where was I?
I sure do hope she found the help she was looking for.... WOWeeeeeeeeee
wow....gracias chica.....muy bueno.....Thank you for the advice....:)
I did not mean for it to sound as if I expect respect for just being....what I was saying that if I have done anything to not deserve the respect then fine...but if I have not been disrespectful then please don't treat me with disrespect...that is all
I have no problem with who says what....it is how it is spoken.....I apologize if I have upset you Sir.......I mean no disrespect to anyone..........
I have been involved in fire discussions at numerous websites and what I found is that more often than not, the reader DOESN'T know how it is spoken; only what has been said and it leaves open to interpretation by the reader the message that is sent and received. So, I don't understand how you can see the nuances of what is written here and I can't.
But anyway, please don't think that I am upset and as long as you don't attack me personally, I see no disrespect. You have to understand that, though I value my time at this website, it is not my mission in Life. I think that it's important that young adults like yourself understand what you are dealing with here, since we are becoming more and more dependent on technology and information via that technology and that what we see isn't necessarily what we get.
But I can guarantee you that, if you talk to some of the others who know me, you get what everyone else does-the "ChiefReason treatment", so to speak.
I won't treat you any differently simply because you have a lot to learn anymore than I rail on the vets because they lack vision and a desire to be patient when teaching the newbies.
In closing, I will only say that I must be more careful in the words I choose when speaking with than you need to be with me.
If you have upset me, it is only because I wish I was 17 again!
well when you say common mistakes i assume you mean what individuals do that are pretty stupid?

you always need to be sure of what your doing and whats going on on the fire ground, no matter what your doing and the most important thing you need to be on the look out for is the safety of yourself and your station if you see something that your not sure about then you need to bring that to the attention of one of the more senior fire fighters and let them take it from there

alot of people are also afraid to ask questions which is a negative thing because the more you know the more helpful you are

and last dedication to the job, alot of people like to show up on scene just to put their names in the report the don't spend time at the station learning the trucks or using the equipment

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