Hey everyone,

I got a barely used Leather Cairns New Yorker. Just bought a set of the foxfire tetrahedron stickers. Wondering if anyone has any tips for removing the old, regular tets without damaging the paint/leather.

Thanks everyone


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The adhesion of the paint on the leather is usually poor and many times the paint may lift. I would try a hand held hair dryer. The heat will normally soften the adhesive on the old tetrahedrons and may help in their removal. Any adhesive that is left on helmet can be removed with goof-off or other adhesive remover. Caution before applying any remover you might want to try in somewhere on the helmet that doesn't show, like the underside or under the inner shell. Do this to make sure that the remover doesn't attack the paint.

Remove the old tetrahedrons, touch up the paint, let it dry, put on the new tetrahedrons.  It really is that simple.


My tetrahedrons on my 1010 have came off after quite a few interior attacks and live fire training's.  The problem I'm having is getting new stickers to stick again. Any ideas or recommendations for that?

Clean the spot of the helmet that you want to put the new tetrahedrons with either an alcohol wipe, or use Windex with vinegar to clean the area.  Make sure with either that it is completely dry before you attempt to put the new tet's on.


Just for added info, the Windex with vinegar cuts smoke/soot stain very well on scba facepieces and helmets.

John, I followed your advice. worked like a charm. One of the girls at the ambulance squad brought her hair dryer and took off the old tets. Goof off took off the other adhesive (I put it on some old cloth and used that to wipe the adhesive off) then an alcohol pad for good measure. let it dry and popped the new tets on.

Should anyone try this, my recommendation is to go easy on the goof off. if I used too much or rubbed too hard, the cloth came back black.

I do a lot of vinyl removal. I usually try any of the adhesive removers somewhere on the finished surface that is hidden from plan view, just in-case the remover or chemicals are to aggressive. It also helps to read the manufactures labels and precautions. Enjoy the helmet.


I would take the old ones off repaint the whole helmet flat black and put the new stickers on thats what my friend did it came out great 

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