ive been looking for a helmet light for a little while now but unsure on the pros and cons. i want something light and long lasting but bright and under $60. i know it narrows down the margin significantly but any feedback is appreciated.

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I absolutely love my Fox Fury Command light. Our Chief gave them to everyone for Christmas about three years ago. Low profile in front and very bright. Battery pack in the rear. Being LED the batteries last for years. When you look it up you'll see it comes in about three different price ranges. One of them is under $60.

how far does the beam shoot? and how does it stand up against thick smoke?
I agree with Norm about 10 guys on our dept got them and everybody really likes them. They are pretty good in the smoke unless its thick black smoke. I have even melted the lens of the light in a training burn and it still works as good as the day I got it.
On the low setting it gives off a diffused glow that reaches about 10 feet, but the more expensive one has a green led on each side that pierces smoke on the high setting. It works pretty well. You pay more for that. Your best bet for smoke is a straight beam like a Streamlight Vantage (way more $$$). I haven't seen anything that can do both as well as these two do separately.
i agree...the vantage is awesome but i just dont have the money for that...do you guys know of any good lights that come on mounts other than the vantage?
This is what we carry,
there's a helmet clip halfway down the page. pretty bright through smoke and I have been on several night calls before starting to dim.
the flash over trailer did claim a couple of them but it claimed a helmet also :p

that has actually been one that has been weighing on my mind a lot.
I just got the energizer lamp for the front of mine. It was $19.99 at Walgreen's. It has a strap and fits around my helmet fine. I haven't had the chance to use it yet but when I do I'll let you know.
the best part if you do lose it for some reason, it's not an arm and a leg to replace.
There's a small Pelican that takes 4 AA batteries that is very good for spot light. It's waterproof and rugged. I've gone through a lot of batteries with it, though. Mine is a halogen. The newer one is an LED.

It's called the Recoil.
This is what I used before the switch to the vantage.
I didn't have an incident with snagging while I had it, but it was always a concern for me. However, it would be just a matter of unhooking the light if you did get hung up.
I find that the vantage tucks away nicely under the rim of the helmet. It is a little more pricey, like mentioned earlier.
just grab one of those disposable lights that I see strapped to helmets in other pictures.
I have a traditional Bullard with the built in light. It's one of the best I've ever used as far as being out of the way and not an entanglement issue. And the light works well.

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