i have a pretty hard question here. Being the captain of the explorer post i assigned cleaning jobs to the explorers to complete every Monday when we train. the reason that i have the explorers clan is because they are the main source to the mess because they are the ones that hang out there on weekends and when they can. i have seen these jobs not getting done and in the post the captain is allowed to suspend the members of the post. Now here is the question. there really is only one or two guys that don't do their job on Mondays, so should i do group discipline or individual suspensions. i believe that if i enforce the group suspensions that the job situation will get better because the guys wont want to get suspended and have the blame on them. Please get back to me on this because as of now i have settled on the group discipline.

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the group discipline would work better there for you would not call out any names and they will all try to do there job better because they don't want to be suspended so i agree with you
yessss u know what im talking about i think i might do it im not sure though its all good with the ball busting u gues they just dont get it
yea me too idk i might do it thanks for the advice
my opinion only here...

1. going directly to group discipline when only two people are the real problem seems like overkill.
2. just your actions as described below will get the message to the others...
3. discipline should be progressive, not the whole enchilada at once.
4. oral warning, written warning, then if it goes this far, a meeting with a chief officer and suspension or termination
5. so... with all of this said, identify the two individuals and proceed to the written notice that something will occur because of their actions (assuming that you have already talked with these two individuals before giving written notice.
6. still having problems after all of this has been said, written and done? get rid of them, again, you have sent a very strong message here and that's what your goals is right?

Do you have siblings? How did you like it when you were disciplined when they screwed up?
Order a copy of Fire Officer I or borrow a copy ....is this a career dept or Vol dept over the explorer program....talk with an officer and see how they might handle this.

Seek advice from someone who is well liked and respected, but runs a tight ship, some how they get people to do their jobs without yelling, without getting angry, its just business and ask how they would handle it.

I can say this from experience as a FF I very much dislike to be called out for somebody else who screwed up through laziness or a bad attitude, when i tried to make sure the job got done by me and my crew, yes I cleaned toilets as a C"apt just like my guys do. Set the example.

Its better to know what your procedures and rules call for b-4 you suspend someone, without talking with them and showing them what is expeced first. Usually you must show there was time set aside to show themor train them then an oral warning , written warning then suspension from there if they do not improve.

Good Luck
i dont yell and i do my job just lik them i dont run a dictatorship
your a team u go down as a team u gotta learn to work together and i think this is the best way

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