i have a pretty hard question here. Being the captain of the explorer post i assigned cleaning jobs to the explorers to complete every Monday when we train. the reason that i have the explorers clan is because they are the main source to the mess because they are the ones that hang out there on weekends and when they can. i have seen these jobs not getting done and in the post the captain is allowed to suspend the members of the post. Now here is the question. there really is only one or two guys that don't do their job on Mondays, so should i do group discipline or individual suspensions. i believe that if i enforce the group suspensions that the job situation will get better because the guys wont want to get suspended and have the blame on them. Please get back to me on this because as of now i have settled on the group discipline.

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depends on the infraction. fighting, etc. go for individual. but lower tiered items such as cleaning, 100% go for group. peer pressure (in this case positive) is a VERY strong motivating factor in correcting lame behavior, or going somewhere else where no one will require them to have responsibility

i.e. not the fire service
I want to start by saying that I believe that many issues have to be dealt with on a case by case basis. I am relating this solely to experiences in the military both as a squad member and later a squad leader. For example, if there was a common area that our Platoon leader ordered us to clean and it didn't get done properly, we were all punished. Granted, the punishment there was usually about half an hour or so of intense physical training, nothing that equated to suspension (that really isn't an option). This wouldn't matter if 90% of us cleaned or area and the other 10% didn't or if all of us just didn't clean. What that does, especially if it is a few messing it up for many, is a)gets the peer group to step up and say "hey man, you're not pulling your weight and it's making us all look bad" b)shows the small group that's messing up that they are not only making things tough on themselves, but on their peers as well. If this becomes a problem with individual members, and keeps repeating itself, then the majority will step up, pick up the slack and the people that are causing the problems are dealt with individually. At first it points at the group and says, "you're not getting the job done". Once it gets to the 1-on-1 stage, it points at that individual and says "look, you obviously have a problem taking an order from your superior and this is how it'll be dealt with". On the other hand, this is a volunteer organization and they're juniors. Another good thing to do as a leader is to know how to deal with each of your subordinates. If mass punishment will make the individual clean up their act, without damaging the group overall, it may be the way to go. If you know that if you sit down with each slacking person and say look, you need to carry your weight around here, I'm becoming disappointed in your actions or lack thereof, and that will change them for the better, that may be the way to go. Ultimately, you need to look at your subordinates and know how to make them respond the best. As in all of my posts, that's just my opinion.
sit down with all of them and tell them if things dont change u r going to have to start suspending people... let it go another week or 2 and if nothing changes.. start suspending
I think that it would be a good idea to do the group discipline, but a question are you apart of the "group"
ian, i dont like you and why would i suspend myslef if you guys are the ones that aremnt doing their jobs. there are levels and i am above it if im the one that would make the rule towards you then why would i suspend myself
Same here
Just because you have "rank" doesn't mean anything and you should have to do the same as all the other explorers, if you have a "job" too. this automatically puts you up for group discipline. As people have commented earlier you can enforce something that your not willing to do. Another thing you may be "above" us but i don't think that means you can abuse you rank, so you should be apart of the punishment too.
Grant, well put.
Whatever happened to "The beatings will continue until morale improves?" :-)
His whip broke ! ! !LOL ! ! !
ok wow u must feel stupid seeing as I was just kidding with him we are like best friends LOL u must feel dumb so thanks for the lecture but it wasent anything if u would like to lecture me on joking u cab
im sure he was just kiding man. no worries. take it with a grain of salt. theres a ton of ball busting at my cmpany. chillax. its all good dude =D

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