i have a pretty hard question here. Being the captain of the explorer post i assigned cleaning jobs to the explorers to complete every Monday when we train. the reason that i have the explorers clan is because they are the main source to the mess because they are the ones that hang out there on weekends and when they can. i have seen these jobs not getting done and in the post the captain is allowed to suspend the members of the post. Now here is the question. there really is only one or two guys that don't do their job on Mondays, so should i do group discipline or individual suspensions. i believe that if i enforce the group suspensions that the job situation will get better because the guys wont want to get suspended and have the blame on them. Please get back to me on this because as of now i have settled on the group discipline.

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OK...1st rule of leadership....never ask someone to do something that you are not willing to do....If you work with your people then when the time comes they will do as you say because they have seen you do it in the past....2nd rule...If you are given a responsibility (an assignment) then you WILL get it done....3rd rule...You address the lack of response with those responsible...nothing destroys morale more than chewing out someone's butt who doesn't deserve it....BUT....and this is a big BUT....you do it professionally...that is 1 to 1...not in front of the rest of the group...they will get the message...try "counseling first...then if that doesn't work go for a stricter punishment...and old SgtMajor I worked with in the Army told me that if you do it right you can chew someone out and they will walk away with a smile on their face not even realizing that it was an ass chewing but knowing that they did wrong...interesting concept to be sure....Paul
personally i think that you need to sit down and have a meeting. i mean sometimes a pep talk will help. What we do is we are not allowed to hang out at the firehouse unless we are invited or we have a meeting. but the people who have not done anything i dont think should get the brunt of the punishments. and be nice about it.
But i mean if things get better then give them back the whole weekends thing. that is what i would do.
Sorry but I disagree....this is the Fire Service...NOT a social club or a meeting place...when that alarm/bell/gong goes off you and every other member has to be on the same sheet of music...if not someone won't be coming home...and I'm not sure about you but I don't ever want to have to go to someones home and have to tell a loved one their son/father/husband/wife won't be coming home....that comes from discipline and working together...a mutual trust...if a person cannot be trusted to do the mundane operations of keeping a Firehouse clean and running smoothly then how can I trust them with my life...I know...very dramatic presentation....I don't care...that's the way it was put to me many years ago and that's the way I put it to new people...If I cannot trust you you can bet your butt I won't go inside with you....I will go in and pull your silly butt out...but you won't be my partner.....EVER....Stay safe and always remember to Keep the Faith....Paul
One other thing.....I am a Volunteer as are many here.....You Volunteer to get in and you can Volunteer to get out but in between times you do as you are told. Have a good day...stay safe....Paul (again) LOL
Are you an explorer as well as the explorer captain, or are you a senior member who is a Captain? What do your SOP/SOG's say the level of escalation should be? Why are you not cleaning with them on Mondays as a group activity and making sure it gets done?
i am the explorer captain and i have assigned myself a job also its not just them
thanks for all the advice though guys it does help
Why would you discipline the entire group? Let's think about this in reality, a guy comes in on Mondays and does a bang up job, another comes and he or she does what is expected of them... do you think by sitting down and chewing them all out as a group, do you think you have corrected the issue? The answer is you don't.

The lazy ones, win and will continue to be lazy, especially if your talk says we all need to step it up a notch. The one's who are good workers will work harder, but they are pissed off at your leadership style. By not dealing with the problem and hoping it self corrects through peer pressure doesn't work either. It is called being a coward and not dealing with the situation individually. Fix the problem.

Being an officer is not always pleasant, and not every firefighter has what it takes to be an officer. Your not supposed to be their best friend, you are supposed to be their supervisor. You ultimately can be both but you have to earn the respect of them before hand otherwise they will continue to manipulate you forever.

Generals in the war, do not drink, eat and party with the troops, they COMMAND them.
You should never discipline the group because one member screws up. Have the guts to confront the guilty party. The other members are most likely waiting to see what you do.
alright then, thanks guys since my meeting with them they all have done their jobs but i will go back to individual discipline. i have confronted the guys but i thought that building teamwork would be best by group discipline.....if anyone as team building activities please let me know too i can use those too. -Tyler
i fell if you have one or two not doing their job you should take them aside one on one not the whole group.why discipline everyone for one or two wrong doing
I would pull the ones not doing the jobs and speak with them, not the whole group. Yes sometimes it is better to discipline a group then indviduals but in this case it woulod not be fair to the others if you were to suspend the whole group.

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